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USANA13: The Challenge — Dave vs. World

USANA13: Dave Baker vs. Grete Eliassen

I woke up Friday morning thinking — for no good reason — that I could conquer the world today. On my walk over to the Salt Palace, my confidence just keep building with each step.

So I set out to prove it.

And the results were SPECTACULARLY mixed.

#USANA13 Challenge: Trivial Pursuit

I’m a trivia master. I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty great. I have many leather-bound books in my iBook app. I DVR Jeopardy twice every day.

It was going to take a lot to test me. I had to seek out the smartest people at USANA — our world-class team of scientists.

And I won. But only if you watch this video, and not our first attempt, where Jenna Templeton took down me, and Dr. Brian Dixon. So we’ll call it a tie.


ME: 1


#USANA13 Challenge: Rock. Paper. Scissors. Victory?

After almost dominating our scientists at Trivial Pursuit, I wanted a more physical challenge. Luckily, Team USANA was in town for an awesome segment on Friday.

As a former child prodigy at Rock, Paper, Scissors, I decided to show some of the most elite athletes in the world what I was made of.

First up was undefeated boxer Mike Lee. I knew it was going to be a hard match, so I came out strong and picked up the first of three contests. He came back and tied it up. It all came down to one last “1,2,3, shoot.”

I came through with the big win.


ME: 2


But I must have been intoxicated by the sweet nectar of victory, because my fortunes would take an ugly turn.

Former — and, in my humble opinion, future — world champion boxer Austin “No Doubt” Trout knocked me out in two quick rounds. But he did have some awesome things to say about USANA.


ME: 2


In the final contest of the day, I needed a win to validate my confidence from earlier this morning. Grete Eliassen, slopestyle skier extraordinaire, is all that stood between me and victory.

Sadly, it was not meant to be.

Grete swept me in two rounds. Sending me home a beaten, broken, and humbled man.


ME: 2


But, you know what? There’s always tomorrow. If you have any challenges you’d like to do, tweet me @DaveBakerUSANA, and we’ll see what we can do on the final day of Convention.

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