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Customer service is generally not a field known for its employee longevity. In fact, call centers have one of the highest turnover rates of any industry in the United States. So what does it say that USANA distributor service representatives stay onboard for an average of 4 1/2 years? It says we work from the inside out to help you love life and live it.

Now, we could brag about all the customer service awards we’ve received over the years, but it’s not the awards that really matter — it’s how we got them and what it means for you that counts. So what is it, exactly, that makes our customer service department a cut above the rest?

It could be our motto of going above and beyond:

“Our goal is to wow the customer,” said Robby Gold, executive director of customer service. “We aim to have 10 times more compliments than complaints.”

USANA Customer Service EmployeesThis lofty goal may seem difficult to obtain, but right now, the department sees 20 times more compliments, which speaks volumes about our customer service and satisfaction. “We should probably change the goal, since we keep exceeding it,” said Robby, who makes sure the team works as a whole to guarantee you have a good experience and get the assistance you need.

Perhaps it’s because we’re so helpful:

Problems with your order? Questions about the new business plan? No problem. We’re here to help. The customer service team has weekly training meetings, as well as one-on-one mentoring, to keep them updated on all of the USANA changes. When you call in, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best help possible. “Each of these agents has knowledge about every aspect [of the business],” said customer service department trainer Jenny Bronson, who has been with USANA for 14 years. “They have this unique perspective of how this company runs from all sides.”

It could be the fact that this department is just what it says it is: Customer. Service.

Instead of following a checklist for each call, distributor service representatives (DSRs) simply carry on a conversation to determine how they can best assist the caller. They take the time to really get to know the person on the other end. “We always try to say ‘yes’ or get [Associates] in the right direction to get their problems solved,” said VIP team member Kortney Miner.

Or, it might just come down to the little things:

Nothing passes by the customer service department unnoticed. DSRs often call new Associates a month or two after they join the company, just to see how they are doing and welcome them into the USANA family. They might congratulate you when you rank advance, ask about your plans for the weekend, or get a report from your last vacation. Occasionally, they might even send out a card on your birthday or USANA anniversary. “We’re just a family here,” said Jenny. “It’s not like you’re working for a company, it’s like you’re working for a family.”


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A customer service department like this doesn’t just look good on paper and win us awards, it helps you love life and live it — because in the end, it’s all about you. We’re here to help you take your business further than ever before, working out any kinks along the way. And we’re here to give you a vote of confidence. “Knowing that they have a customer service base like ours, people know that if they have any problems, they can work with us to get it solved,” said Kortney. “We offer peace of mind.”

Questions? Comments?

Go ahead and give us a call (click the green dot for your specific location), and you’ll soon see why we have the best customer service team around.

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