Infographic: Your Heart Deserves Some Love

USANA Heart Health GraphicWe all know that the heart is a vital organ that pumps blood through our bodies day and night, keeping us alive. But that’s not how we describe them — if we talk about our hearts at all, we talk about them as though they are ourselves. When we’re happy, our hearts soar. When we’re disappointed, it sinks. If we have to give a speech in public, our hearts lodge themselves firmly in our throats. In some of our lowest moments, our hearts are broken.

In our everyday language, our hearts have become more metaphor than reality. But your heart is very real. It sits in your chest cavity, about the size of a large fist, and beats about 100,000 times a day, including while you sleep — all without you ever needing to think about it. It’s kind of amazing, and you should do everything you can to make sure it keeps working for a long time. The very first step is educating yourself about your heart’s needs.

To learn more about your heart and how to take care of it, check out the infographic below, designed by USANA’s own Erik DeWaal. If you enjoy this infographic, be sure to share it on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, so your friends and family can appreciate their hardest-working vital organ. If you’re lucky, their hearts will swell with gratitude.

USANA Heart Health Infographic

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