My USANA Weekend: A SWEET Experience

USANA SWEET Retreat 2014

Start with a splash of pink. Add an amazing lineup of USANA speakers. Combine that with fantastic roundtable strategy sessions. Top it off with more than 250 of USANA’s finest female Associates and what do you get? One epic weekend, and SWEET Retreat 2014.

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Nothing Sweeter

I had heard all about SWEET Retreat — Successful Women Empowering Entrepreneurs Together — and how the event, which is now in its third year, can change your outlook on life and on how you build your business.

But how is a girl supposed to know what the weekend is like without going?

During my five years at USANA, I have had the opportunity to meet, interview, and write about hundreds of USANA Associates, but this was my first experience at SWEET Retreat (and I certainly hope it isn’t my last). Trust me when I say there is nothing sweeter than meeting hundreds of successful USANA women in one weekend.

Over the course of two days, SWEET Retreat attendees had the chance to learn from several of USANA’s inspirational leaders, and I got to learn right along with them. Although I am sure I can’t do the weekend justice in a blog post, there were several key points that jumped out to me.

Empowerment is Key

Empowerment is a commanding word. It isn’t a word associated with fluff or frills — it is a word that is rich and meaningful. And it is a word I heard several times to describe this weekend.

USANA SWEET Retreat 2014Ruby Director and Million Dollar Club member Patti Roney says empowerment means being inspired and motivated, but it also means being moved deep within your own soul.

“Empowerment isn’t the same as momentary inspiration. Empowerment is finding depth within our own purpose as USANA women,” she says. “I want the women at SWEET Retreat, and those who weren’t here, to know they are capable of doing their very best. Their USANA business is their vehicle and they are enough.”

Tailored to USANA Women

USANA women are dynamic individuals and that was definitely showcased at SWEET Retreat. USANA Associates Adrianne Mabry and Carolyn Humiston believe it is supremely important for USANA women to take the opportunity to interact and share their experiences and stories with one another.

“SWEET Retreat isn’t just a frilly or girly weekend — it is quite the opposite,” Adrianne says. “The topics are tailored to women’s needs, and it’s been an event where we have been able to share and grow.”

Carolyn says the weekend left her with numerous “ah-ha” moments. “Every speaker has been phenomenal. I have learned that being empowered gives me courage to go forward, live my life, and make me a better person in my business, my life, and in my relationships.”

Knowledge is Power

SWEET Retreat showcased a number of speakers who each focused on amazing topics. We heard how social media can alter your business (and we all know the importance of reading What’s Up, USANA?, right?) and learned more about the power of Preferred Customers.

There was a pajama party done USANA style where women were taught the key principles to hosting a successful Sensé™ Spa Party, and there was a fantastic dance party. Above all, there were speakers who shared very personal and soul-touching stories, and they reminded us that we are empowered.

USANA SWEET Retreat 2014For the SWEET Sisters who had never heard media mogul and business expert Jen Groover speak, they were treated to a fabulous lesson in maximizing your potential and the potential of others.

And for those of us who had heard her before, we knew we were in for some enlightening information. Jen reminded us that the only time we fail is when we quit and that our “most beautiful perfect” is our authenticity.

How awesome was it that we had the chance to hear from one of the best in the direct selling industry? Co-founder and partner in charge of marketing for the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance (DSWA), Nicki Keohohou reminded us that practice makes permanent, not perfect (and how many of us need that reminder on a daily basis?). And she gave some amazing tips on knowing the difference between coaching and training in your USANA business.

One of the most powerful moments of the entire weekend came when WTA CEO and Chairman Stacey Allaster took the stage and left everyone in the room inspired. This is a woman who represents one of the greatest women sports organizations in the entire world and associates with the finest female athletes, and she reminded every single woman in the room that being strong is beautiful and we can all feel empowered.

USANA Women Are Authentic

USANA SWEET Retreat 2014If the women at SWEET Retreat didn’t realize the sisterhood that exists within USANA before, they most certainly do after these two days. Every single woman at SWEET Retreat, and in USANA, has a story. Each is unique and each story is personal.

No two stories or women is alike and that is a beautiful realization. We are each authentic. Each USANA woman has the ability to change the lives of others through sharing her experience and her wisdom.

I always knew there was something exceptional about the women in USANA, but this weekend I witnessed it. And I know just how SWEET they are.

(P.S. There were also tears shed throughout the weekend. Several of them stemmed from a surprise proposal by Ruben Carrillo to his girlfriend, Vicki Tran. You never know what is going to happen at SWEET Retreat #shesaidyes)

USANA SWEET Retreat 2014


Photos by Raji Barbir. For many more photos from the incredible two-day event, please visit USANA Photos on SmugMug. And if you want to relive the excitement even more, check out the conversations from SWEET on Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. Tim Haran
    Tim Haran says:

    Wow! This looked like an incredible event. I was following along over the weekend on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and it looked like everyone was having an awesome time. Thanks for the great recap Suzanne!


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