Team USANA Tackles the Ragnar 200-Mile Relay Race

Living a #USANAlifestyle is totally inspiring when you think about it. Actually, many of us at the USANA Home Office do think about it, and we really are inspired.

Maybe that’s why a dozen USANA employees are uniting to compete in a 200-mile relay race that stretches across the famous Wasatch Mountain range of Northern Utah?

This strenuous relay is called Ragnar Wasatch Back, and we’ll begin our race on the morning of Friday, June 27, and won’t finish until the following Saturday afternoon. That’s right. At least one team member will run — day or night — until we cross the finish line.

Did I mention we already crossed this finish line last year? And out of nearly 1,400 teams, we took first place in the Corporate Teams category. You better believe we’ll do it again. We got this!

The first- place (Corporate category) 2013 Team USANA

The first- place (Corporate category) 2013 Team USANA

Oh, and we totally want to give you live updates this weekend. Be sure to follow @UwannaUSANA on both Twitter and Snapchat to get real time updates! (If you haven’t downloaded Snapchat, you’re totally missing out. Download it from the app store, sign up, and add UwannaUSANA as a Snapchat friend. After that, view our Snapchat stories!)

Running for a Cause

This story gets even more exciting, because not only are we running to compete — we’re running to give back.

Throughout the race, a fun way to keep chugging along is to track the number of “assists” you accumulate. (An assist is whenever you pass another runner.)

Because we racked up an enormous amount of assists in last year’s Ragnar race, we thought of a way to really make them count this time around.

Check out the caption found on the back of the Team USANA running jerseys.

Check out the caption found on the back of the Team USANA running jerseys.

For every assist made in the race, five members of the USANA executive team will donate $1 to the USANA True Health Foundation.

Don’t underestimate our team, either. The 12 of us will rack up those assists quicker than you think. Don’t forget that we’re all fueled by USANA supplements!

Your 2014 Team USANA Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay Team

Your 2014 Team USANA Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay Team


Ragnar is crazy, intense, and extremely rewarding. We asked the 12 Team USANA members running in the race to answer some questions about the experience. Check out their responses.

Describe the Ragnar experience using only three words.

  • Stinky. Scenic. Inspiring.
  • Scary. Intense. Intimidating.
  • No more sitting!
  • Exhausting. Hilarious. Stinky.
  • Incredible. Achievement. Camaraderie.

Explain to people why you run a 200-mile relay over a two-day span.

  • It’s a test of mental and physical endurance.
  • The bling. (Medals, car decals, etc.)
  • This year, it’s for the True Health Foundation.
  • Why not?
  • Because some jerk at work asked me to.
  • I get to bond with awesome people.

Is there any item you must have in your van at all times?

  • Ritz crackers and peanut M&M’s!
  • Body Glide Anti-Chafe
  • First aid kit, water, and energy gels
  • Bagels
  • Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

What’s your must-have track on your running playlist?

What’s one thing you would recommend to someone who wants to take up running?

  • Start slow, make realistic goals, and don’t forget to celebrate every run.
  • Run at your own pace.
  • Don’t think of it as a chore. Ignore the distance, and just go! Scenic routes help, too.
  • Don’t rush it. Keep going. It can take time to get to where you think you should be, but if you are persistent in your training and in your diet, you will go far beyond what you ever expected to.
  • Practice makes perfect. Start off slow and steady, and when you feel ready, incorporate intervals. They are an absolute must.

Finish this sentence: “During this year’s Ragnar relay, I’m most likely to…”

  • …get lost.
  • …sleep more than all team members combined.
  • …have the slowest pace on our team.
  • …eat a record amount of Swedish Fish.
  • …annoy someone with my snores or other bodily noises.
  • …make new friends.
  • …Febreze the van at least three times during the race.

What is your favorite part of the entire Ragnar experience?

  • The friendships made during the race.
  • Accomplishing the monster distance with a team of awesome people. Doing it fast is a bonus.
  • The team experience, and going home when it’s all over.
  • Getting to know my co-workers and laughing — so much laughing.

Want to learn a little more about Ragnar? Here’s an ESPN video explaining the craziness of the event:


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