Team RevRun: A First-Place Finish

Some of you might remember back in June when 12 USANA employees banded together to form Team RevRun and participate in the Ragnar Wasatch Back relay race. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just know that the 12 of us split up into two vans to run a two-day, 200-mile race across the state of Utah.

We set our expectations high for two reasons. First, we knew what we were getting into after competing in the race last summer. And second, we were super prepared. All of us had trained for this by running on a regular basis, hitting the gym whenever possible, and taking care of our bodies by eating healthy and taking our daily dose of top-quality USANA supplements.

I’m more than excited to announce that our competitive spirit paid off, and it shows in the results. The USANA RevRun team took FIRST place in the coed corporate category, 11th in the mixed teams category, and 35th place overall. To clarify, that’s 35th place out of 1,390 teams! Together, the 12 of us ran 198 miles in 26 hours 57 minutes.

Forgive me for bragging, but hey, I’m beyond proud of Team RevRun! We surpassed our goals, and none of it would’ve been possible if we didn’t work for such an amazing, supportive company like USANA. We’re already prepping for next year’s race, and you can be sure we’ll, once again, show everyone what it’s like to live the USANA lifestyle.

Team RevRun at the finish line

Team RevRun at the finish line.

The van two runners displaying their RevRun pride

The Van 2 runners displaying their RevRun pride.


Van one, representing the USANA lifestyle

Van 1, representing the USANA lifestyle.

We were ready to go from the very beginning of the race!

We were ready to go from the very beginning of the race!


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  1. Robert Moore
    Robert Moore says:

    CONGRATS to ALL, you make Amy Pederson & I, Robert Moore proud! More ‘WINNERS’ for USANA, but most of all, for yourselves! 😉 What a company and what a support staff we have in ALL of you & Thank You for what you do for us. see you at Convention.


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