Team RevRun Returns to Ragnar

All right you guys, here’s the thing: I really like to run. I don’t know what it is about throwing on my running shoes, cranking up the workout playlist on my iPod, and taking in the sights as I head out on a daily run that makes life seem so much better.

Call it some weird therapy or something, but it truly clears my mind and gives me a feeling of accomplishment every time.

Luckily, I’ve found 11 other USANA employees who share this passion for running and are willing to join me this weekend in the exciting adventure that is the Ragnar Wasatch Back relay race.

Ragnar Sign

What the Heck is Ragnar?

Just a little disclaimer: after explaining Ragnar, you might think the 12 of us are a little crazy. I mean, who in their right mind would sign up for a two-day long relay race that stretches almost 200 miles across the Utah Wasatch Mountain front?

Team RevRun. That’s who.

Team RevRun consists of 12 USANA employees, and we’re ready to tackle the Ragnar challenge. The team will be split between two vans, and one of us will be running at all times. Seriously, whether it’s day or night, dirt path or paved road — someone is always running.

Each runner is assigned three legs throughout the race that range anywhere from 3 to 8 miles. It’s an intense race that’s meant to push your limits in every way.

Are We Crazy?

Team RevRunYou might be asking why we’re doing this to ourselves. Well, first of all, I can tell you that most of us know what we’re getting into, because Team RevRun actually ran their first Ragnar race last year. Was it a little miserable at times? Sure. Were we without a hot shower or real bathroom facilities for a whole weekend? You bet.

But don’t forget the main question: Did we have fun? Of course! Why else would we be back?

The 12 members of team RevRun truly enjoy our Ragnar weekend. It gives us a chance to take our running skills and bring them to a competitive playing field.

We cover our vans with Rev3® stickers and USANA swag so that the thousands of runners can see what USANA is really about. We’re challenging ourselves to stay physically healthy and pushing our boundaries to display our mental strength. (Oh, and don’t forget that each one of us is fueled by USANA supplements.)

So go ahead, call us crazy. We don’t care. You know why? Because we’re loving life and living it.

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  1. Camille Fletcher
    Camille Fletcher says:

    Good luck RevRunners! I’ll be with you in spirit…and will be mainlining caffeine during my 9pm to 3am volunteer shift.


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