Five Ways to Survive and Thrive During the Holidays

Ho, Ho, Ho…ho boy! The holidays are here again. During this season of family, festivities, and fun, you definitely need to keep an eye on your health so you won’t miss a minute. To help you out, here’s a list of easy ways you can help ensure you’ll stay holly jolly this season.

Make a HealthPak a side dish at breakfast and dinner every day.

Christmas Products 001You need a good foundation of essential nutrition in order to fuel all of your body’s natural superpowers.

Experts on forming habits recommend tying a new habit to an existing routine. You probably eat breakfast and dinner every day, so if you need to get into the habit of taking your AM and PM HealthPaks, try pairing that action up with your meals.*

Wash your hands often and support your immune defenses.

Washing handsI know. Washing your hands to cut down on germs is a no brainer. You might also try coughing into your sleeve or elbow to cut down on the skin-drying scrubbings.

To help keep your immune system healthy, add supplements like Proflavanol C100—the vitamin C helps your body create immune cells—and Probiotic, which will deliver lots of good bacteria to help you maintain healthy intestinal flora, which can help compete with any “bad guys” that get into your gut, where the majority of your immune cells are located. For emergency status, if you’re starting to feel run down, drink some Booster C 600 for a few days.*

Try to eat healthy, whole foods most days and be prepared for the indulgences.

I seriously hate it when blogs like this advise eating apples and drinking water at the party. I mean, being healthy and skinny or whatever is important—but come on! It’s a party. party foodModeration, sure, but enjoy yourself! And a little preparation won’t hurt.

Your liver may need a little extra love if you’re indulging in food and bev, so make sure to take your Hepasil DTX. Digestive Enzyme with a big meal can help provide relief from mild indigestion after eating a little too much. Or, if you find yourself in need of an antacid for occasional, mild heartburn, keep some Active Calcium Chewable on hand.*

Go to bed. Stay present, don’t just buy presents. Manage your stress and get energy all at the same time.

Going to bed too late just sets you up for a Grinch-fest the next day. One of the simplest things to do to help you survive the holidays is go to bed! Get your seven hours. Turn off the Michael Bublé special. Take some Pure Rest if you can’t sleep.

Meditation can also help you learn to switch off your thoughts, relax, and stay in the moment better (try the Headspace app if you’d like a little meditation guidance).

And for those days where you stayed up too late and you’re tired or stressed, sip a Rev3 Energy Drink. It’s got an effective amount of caffeine but won’t turn you into a spaz. Plus the rhodiola in the formula acts as an adaptogenic, which can help your body deal with the effects of everyday stress. There’s some recent research that also suggests Ginkgo biloba, as in our Ginkgo-PS formula, can also help.*

Exercise outdoors during lunch, and offset the effects of all. that. darkness.

Beautiful Girl in SnowWinter can be SUCH a bummer. You leave for work in the dark. You go home in the dark. If we were bears and could hibernate, it wouldn’t be so bad. Unfortunately, we still have to be productive, sociable citizens. So, if you can, get outside for a run or brisk walk at lunchtime to get some bright light and improve your mood (just dress warmly and you’ll be fine).

Also make sure you take a vitamin D supplement, which is the one of the most effective ways to keep your levels in the ideal range. We all know, vitamin D deficiency is rampant most of the time, and the dark winter months are the worst. Plus, many of us start feeling down when it’s always so dark. I certainly do. I always take Vitamin D as well as plenty of BiOmega, because some research has shown that the sunshine vitamin and omega-3s may help support a balanced mood.*

The biggest secret to success this holiday season is planning. So see if you can find ways to incorporate some of these suggestions into your days, and you won’t just survive, you will thrive!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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