The Future of Nutritional Science: Food as Information

The Future of Nutritional Science

Chew on this: You’ll eat between 60 tons and 100 tons of food in your lifetime. And every bite you consume is feeding your cells information—or misinformation.

Kevin Spelman, USANA's executive vice president of research and development

Kevin Spelman, USANA’s executive vice president of research and development

Unhealthy food and environmental toxins are all delivering our cells nonsensical information that confuses our body. In other words, that tasty fast-food hamburger is actually giving our cells potentially damaging misinformation.

“If you think about the breakdown of food and all those molecules inside that food, some of those molecules are literally messengers,” says Kevin Spelman, Ph.D., USANA’s executive vice president of research and development. “They transfer and carry information. They will trigger events in our physiology that are healthful, provided that the food we eat is nutritious.”

So we want to make sure we’re feeding our body the right information. But let’s be honest: in today’s society, for most of us, that’s easier said than done. We’re regularly eating meals that aren’t the most nutritious. We’re frequently exposing our bodies to damaging environmental toxins.

What are we to do, how are we to proceed when our cells are taking in all this misinformation?

In the following video, Kevin assures us there is hope. Our cells are smart. And locked within our own cells are tools to keep us healthy. Like keys in locks, cells are sending signals to activate various physiological responses.

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“The good news is that USANA has thoroughly researched the cellular signaling process, and we really understand how that process works,” he says. “We’ve figured out how to unlock the code to the way cells communicate with each other.”

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