The Future of Nutritional Science: Antioxidants Explained

The Future of Nutritional Science

You know the term antioxidant. Or at least you’ve heard it bandied about in television commercials and on the side of countless nutritional products lining store shelves.

Mark Brown, Ph.D., USANA’s executive director of laboratory research

Mark Brown, Ph.D., USANA’s executive director of laboratory research

Antioxidants fight against oxidative stress and the formation of free radicals. They help you maintain cellular health.

But do you know the difference between dietary antioxidants and endogenous antioxidants?

One—dietary, or exogenous—comes from your external environment, while the other—endogenous—is a more powerful free radical fighter produced inside your body.

Mark Brown, Ph.D., USANA’s executive director of laboratory research, has spent years developing products and helping others better understand the roles antioxidants play in our health.

In the following video, Mark provides a succinct overview of antioxidants and why he believes certain targeted antioxidants that react with molecules inside your body to provide cellular protection are superior to “blanket protection” you might get from external sources.

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“We’re trying to stimulate the production of molecules with your own cells,” Mark says. “That’s the endogenous protection we’re looking for.”

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