Sleep Sounds to Help You Snooze

Sleep Sounds: Mug

Reruns of old Friends episodes, the pitter-patter of rainfall on a tin roof, classical music—there are countless sleep sounds people listen to when trying to hit the hay at night.

We all know that sleep is pretty darn important, but if you’re having a hard time falling asleep, consider some of the following popular sleep sound options to help you get a restful night’s sleep.


If you enjoy the gentle sound of waves breaking on the shore, check out Calmsound Nature Sounds. They provide a variety of both videos and albums that can be downloaded online or purchased through Amazon. The dreamy sounds of an Australian summer morning at Coogee Beach seriously had me bobbing my head at my desk as I listened. Sigh.

Sound of Sleep Machine

The Sound+Sleep machine provides you with a pretty wide range of realistic, natural sound environments. (Apparently, they really do use naturally recorded sounds like a bubbling brook or the sound of leaves blowing in the wind. Also, they claim to never loop, so you don’t have to worry about getting bored from repetition.)

This machine comes with a 3″ speaker that can easily fit on your nightstand. It also comes with a small headphone jack so you can kick back and relax without disturbing your partner. Or the neighbors upstairs. Or the cat. Meow.

Sleep Sounds Mobile App

Sleep Sounds: TableI legit just downloaded this app by Relaxio from the Google Play Store on my phone and have had an absolute ball listening to the different sounds. My favorite so far is “Vintage Train.” The cool part? You can set a timer anywhere from one minute to eight hours. You can also add in additional sounds, which makes it a very customized experience. (I added the sound of a rainstorm to the mix and the effect was magical. I felt like I was napping on the Hogwarts Express.)

For iOS, try a similar app called Relax Melodies: Sleep Sounds, White Noise & Fan.

Head Space

Have a stressful final to take in school or a presentation to give? Maybe you just need to chill out before going to bed? Try using Headspace. This app helps you connect with your body and mind through guided meditation. There are tons of benefits associated with meditating. In fact, one Harvard study shows that practicing mediation may actually help with sleep.

If you’d like to give mediation a whirl, Headspace has a meditation series specifically for sleep that helps create the inner and outer conditions for you to properly zonk out.

Breath in. Breathe out. Now sleep.


Even your Spotify account has some awesome sleep sound options. If you’re in the mood for quiet music, you can listen to some calming acoustic guitar solos, some fun Indian music, or even peaceful flute music. If you prefer nature sounds, crawl under your covers, turn on your shuffle, and get ready to enjoy the pleasant sounds of a rainforest storm.

From A to Zzz

These aren’t the only solutions for sleep—there are tons of mobile apps designed to help you sleep better tonight. Discover your favorite go-to sleep sounds for a night of blissful rest. And if all else fails, there’s also a little something called Pure Rest.*

Sleep Sounds Pure Rest

Well my friend, are you ready to get some sleep? Tell Little Bo Beep to grab her sheep—you won’t be counting them anymore.

Rest Easy

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