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5 Easy Ways to Travel Like a Pro

WANDERLUST (noun): A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel. Synonyms: itchy feet, globe-trotting, travel junkie, gypsy blood If you’ve got a bad case of wanderlust and can’t wait to cross those dreamy destinations off your bucket list, check out the following tips to help you travel like a pro. 1: Packing Light Is Actually […]

3 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Body

Green grass is beginning to show, tulips are starting to bloom, and the snow is melting. Springtime is finally here. Huzzah! With the changing of the weather comes good ol’ fashion spring cleaning. If you’d like to mix it up this year, leave the dirty details of your house to a cleaning service, and spring […]

5 Ways to Feel More Self-Love

Let’s face it—feeling self-love is much easier said than done. Especially when we live in a society obsessed with Snapchat-filter perfection. We constantly see others obtaining status, owning the latest and greatest technologies, going on dream vacations, and living in a big house on a hill with the perfect family. It’s no wonder we often […]