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Summer Living—5 Trends for a Happy and Healthy You

If you hop on Instagram, you’re going to find all kinds of tasty summer trends taking over your news feed. (Think avocado toast and nice cream recipes) And you may have even seen some fishy trends. Seriously—mermaids are pretty big right now. Last year was all things unicorns, but now Ariel’s swimming into the scene, […]

3 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Body

Green grass is beginning to show, tulips are starting to bloom, and the snow is melting. Springtime is finally here. Huzzah! With the changing of the weather comes good ol’ fashion spring cleaning. If you’d like to mix it up this year, leave the dirty details of your house to a cleaning service, and spring […]

5 Ways to Feel More Self-Love

Let’s face it—feeling self-love is much easier said than done. Especially when we live in a society obsessed with Snapchat-filter perfection. We constantly see others obtaining status, owning the latest and greatest technologies, going on dream vacations, and living in a big house on a hill with the perfect family. It’s no wonder we often […]


Sleep Sounds to Help You Snooze

Reruns of old Friends episodes, the pitter-patter of rainfall on a tin roof, classical music—there are countless sleep sounds people listen to when trying to hit the hay at night. We all know that sleep is pretty darn important, but if you’re having a hard time falling asleep, consider some of the following popular sleep […]

Low Glycemic Foods Made Easy—End the Hangry

I’m going to be honest about something—I tend to get hangry pretty easily. (Hungry + angry. This is a bad combo for me). Having snacks on hand are a must-have for my mental and physical well-being. In fact, my coworkers are pretty used to listening to me as I crunch my way through carrots and […]