5 Easy Ways to Travel Like a Pro

WANDERLUST (noun): A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel.

Synonyms: itchy feet, globe-trotting, travel junkie, gypsy blood

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If you’ve got a bad case of wanderlust and can’t wait to cross those dreamy destinations off your bucket list, check out the following tips to help you travel like a pro.

1: Packing Light Is Actually Possible

If you’re like me, you try to cram your entire wardrobe, every shoe from your closet, and your entire bathroom cupboard into your bag. But even for long trips, this really isn’t necessary.

Consider the following tips to keep your luggage on the light side.

    • You only need one: In reality, you only really need one of a lot of things (swimsuit, sneakers, light jacket, jeans).
    • Pack clothes that can serve a double purpose: When possible, throw in clothes that can serve double duty. A T-shirt or tank top can be worn when you’re strolling along those lazy streets in Spain, but can also be worn when going out to dinner. A flannel shirt can be sported alone or layered on in cold weather.
    • Choose wrinkle-resistant fabrics: This allows you to wear outfits more than once without needing maintenance in between. You can also bring along a small, personal travel steamer to steam out any odors and wrinkles at the same time for a quick refresh.
    • Think neutral colors: Pack clothes that can easily be paired with other items.
    • Mail it home: If you’re on an extended vacation somewhere, first off, lucky you. And second, if your bag is bulging, mail home that extra pair of khaki pants you’re not wearing along with some souvenirs.

Another tip: if your suitcase is bursting at the seams and you just can’t part with anything, try sitting on top of it. That little extra pressure might be the ticket to zipping it up!

2: Give Your Bag Some Bling

There are a million black bags in the world. (Actually, there’s probably more than that. But math never was my strong suit.) And when you’re checking luggage at the airport, the last thing you want to stress over is not recognizing your bag when it comes tumbling out on the luggage carousel. Or worse—a stranger mistaking your bag for theirs.

Make it easy on yourself by making your bag stand out. Here’s a few ways to make your luggage pop.

    • Use a distinct luggage tag: Attach a bright neon luggage tag to your bag with your name and personal details printed on it. I’ve even seen some unique ones in the shape of flip-flops or Tetris tiles that are rather jazzy and easy to spot. You can also throw on some fun stickers from your travels, use brightly colored duct tape or washi tape or use zip ties, which are sturdier than tying a ribbon.
    • Buy a bright bag: If you have an orange bag that can be seen from the moon, you know you’ll never lose it.
    • Wrap it in a luggage belt: Using a colorful luggage belt not only makes it easy to spot your fashionable bag, but also keeps it from bursting open unexpectedly.

5 Easy Ways to Travel Like a Pro: Suitcase

3: Packing Cubes Are Anything but Square

I recently discovered these beauties for myself on a trip to Texas and, I must say, they really are handy. They made packing for my trip a breeze. Not only do packing cubes fit conveniently within your carry-on luggage, but you can easily sort your stuff however you want.

For example: you can pack your shirts and pants in a larger cube, your swimsuit, socks, and Fruit of the Looms in a medium-sized one, and even use the smallest one as a toiletry bag (or a dirty laundry bag). Personally, I dread packing, but this made organizing almost fun.

And really, you can pack them however you like. Plus, they come in all kinds of fun colors and styles (I got a three-piece set), which makes it even more enjoyable to pack.

4: How to Survive the Airport

5 Easy Ways to Travel Like a Pro: Airplane

Let’s be real—airports can be stressful and can even cause you to break into random bouts of hysterical laughter (even though things are far from funny) and/or cry big, fat crocodile tears when security rifles through your bags and tosses your expensive sunscreen.

Let’s avoid that mayhem, shall we?

Here are a few handy tips so you can travel like a pro through the airport.

    • Keep the clutter at bay: it’s never fun to dig through your bag while waiting in the security line so you can find your ID. Keep your important documents like passport/ID and boarding pass in an easy-to-reach spot. Also, keep your headphones, laptop, book, or anything else you’ll want easy access to at the top of your bag. (This also makes it easier to get through security if you are required to remove your laptop or other large electronics.) On the flip side, stow out of reach anything you will not need between the time you leave home and arrive at your destination.
    • Pack your toiletries in a clear bag with a zip top: this is important if you are keeping your toiletries in a carry-on bag. Remember, airports have a strict rule that each liquid item must be 3.4 oz. or less. If you are checking a bag, these restrictions don’t apply. And if that’s the case, go big and pack as much sunscreen as you want.
    • Wear slip-on shoes: I wore high-top shoes with lots of laces my last time at the airport and I regretted it immediately. I was 5 Easy Ways to Travel Like a Pro: Suitcasehobbling around in line, balancing on one leg like an ungraceful flamingo trying to get my shoes off. Don’t be that person. Also, wear socks. You’ll be walking barefoot on a dirty airport floor if you forget.
    • Whiz past the lines with TSA precheck: Members of this program are prescreened and can bypass those insanely long security lines without removing their shoes or laptops. What a luxury! This service is offered at more than 180 U.S. airports so, if you’re a frequent traveler, this is definitely the way to go.

5: Leave the Jet Lag Behind

Traveling long distances isn’t for the faint of heart. Sometimes adding up those sky miles also adds stress on your body.

Next time you travel, show your body some love by packing these travel-friendly products.

    • Pure Rest: This fast-acting, orange-flavored melatonin supplement is designed to give you the rest you need to stay on the move.* It’s a must-have when combating jet lag.
    • Booster C 600™: If you’re spending time in airports, riding public transit, or anywhere surrounded by lots of people, this is a handy one to bring along. This delicious lemon-berry flavored powder can easily be mixed with water or taken straight, and provides antioxidant support for your immune system.*
    • MyHealthPak™ or HealthPak™ : Don’t forget your supplements. USANA® CellSentials™ can help ensure your body gets the proper amount of key vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants it needs to function at its best.*

By following these travel tips, you’ll not only save yourself a few headaches, but you’ll also hit the streets in Sydney or Mumbai feeling fresh and ready to take on the world. (And I hope you do. Bucket-list dreams, remember?)

5 Easy Ways to Travel Like a Pro: Infographic

Bon voyage, wanderlusters.

What are some of your favorite tips that help you travel like a pro? Share in the comments below.

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24 replies
  1. Paola Cervantes
    Paola Cervantes says:

    I line to irganize my clothes in separate bags that way when i get to the hotel it’s essy tu unpack. Socks inside shoes to minimize space and always bring Usana Digestive Enzymes, come handy when you are esti g out and about

  2. Kristi
    Kristi says:

    Amazing tips!
    when I go travel, I see to it that I meet new friends whether a new travel buddy or a local in the area. I keep it in mind that it’s not only about the place that I visit for the first time but the memories I make and moments I can pack going back home.That’s what makes the travel worthwhile. Smile! it’s the best gift you can leave in that place 🙂 and bring your trash along or dispose it properly.

  3. Sheryl Edwards
    Sheryl Edwards says:

    My tip is to use ziploc bags to organize smaller items: jewelry, cosmetics, personal items, medicine, socks, underwear. You can also use larger ziploc bags for dirty clothes.

  4. Renee Neiman
    Renee Neiman says:

    Awesome post, great ideas! In addition to remembering my daily supplements, I am always sure to pack Booster C and probiotic for daily use while traveling … that’s my travel insurance!! And packing light is huge! Sure makes life less stressful which is healthful 🙂

  5. Lynda Jensen
    Lynda Jensen says:

    I love packing cubes. It organizes mybsuicases. Keeps things folded and clean. I also take a hamper bag so my dirty clothes don’t make my clean clothes smell.

  6. James Neiman
    James Neiman says:

    Thanks!!! Great tips and ideas 👍 … and don’t get caught up with “what if, I might need… keep it simple, organized and light 👍👍

  7. Regine Salvador
    Regine Salvador says:

    Thaaaank You for the wonderful tips! Indeed don’t forget the HealthPak, also the best skin care #Celavive 😍🤗!

  8. Robin Thomas
    Robin Thomas says:

    I’m the queen of packing light! Only take wrinkle resistant clothes that roll easily for packing. I also pack clothes that serve a double purpose, like Esper. I transferred a few days worth of Celavive and toothpaste into the small screw top containers we were using as samples. All but the eye creme, which I left in the original container… should have transferred that, too, as it exploded when I used it after the flight. Ended up using it all over my face- should look gorgeous!!

  9. Sara Iza
    Sara Iza says:

    I actually enjoy packing a lot. I like making little rolls with my clothes so everything fits. It IS possible to pack clothes for up to two weeks in a carry-on that way 🙂

  10. Laura Menefee
    Laura Menefee says:

    Yep! Even with a checklist, I somehow STILL forget something… and this time, was my make-up! Oh brother! So, I’ll be stopping by the store to get some! No matter how organized you are, it’s still possible to mess up, forget something or something throws you off (rude person, can’t find parking spot, misplaced item, etc…)… learn how to take it in stride and enjoy the trip and not allow the mishaps to get to you to ruin your trip…

  11. Cassandra D
    Cassandra D says:

    I use different size packing tubes and small containers for my creams and lotions when I travel. A great travel tip would be to look at the weather.

  12. alisa hunsaker
    alisa hunsaker says:

    On my last flight, i got stuck next to a person that obviously had the flu. I don’t get on a plane without Booster C anymore. it saved my vacation for sure.


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