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A Closer Look At The Man Behind USANA’s Social Media

  Nine years ago, USANA’s social media department was formed under the direction of Tim Haran. Back then, social media wasn’t even a glimmer in other direct selling companies’ eyes. He led the way, pioneering best practices, expanding into more and more social media platforms, and sharing USANA with an ever-growing and ever-changing audience. About […]

A Healthy Balance: Tips to Combat Negativity

Managing relationships is hard work. Whether it’s keeping the family together, being there for close friends, or dealing with coworkers, there are bound to be times where negativity can creep in and get the best of you. Sometimes you can find yourself battling with your own personal feelings and emotions when other times, you may […]

A Healthy Balance: Redefining Self Image

Let’s face it, we all have our insecurities, and no matter what size, shape, color or age, it’s become an all-too-common pastime to self criticize and scrutinize our outward appearances. Blame it on whatever you will — the media, pop culture, that mean girl in high school or even our mothers — we’re all guilty, […]

A Healthy Balance: Life’s Daily Pressures

For this month’s edition of A Healthy Balance, I want to discuss dealing with life’s daily pressures. In order to do this, I need to start by giving you a glimpse into the Collins home. I’m the mother of two headstrong children. My 6-year-old daughter, Adelaide (Addie), is an emotional force, channeling the perfect blend […]

A Healthy Balance: Making Time

Every day for the past few years I’ve logged on to What’s Up, USANA? to read amazing stories about lives changed, tips on how to eat better and live healthier, and cool posts from my team promoting athletes and other movers and shakers who love the USANA brand. And, I kept thinking to myself, “I […]