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Clear the Air With USANA Green

Wouldn’t it be great to have fresh, crisp air all year round? Inversions and red air days plague us here in the Salt Lake Valley and all that pollution wreaks havoc on our lungs. It’s easy to think it’s totally out of our hands or wonder what one person can do to make a difference, […]

USANA Green: Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day, USANA!!! At USANA, our goal is to help you live the life that you love – both by making better personal choices for your health and by living in a healthier world. The two main ways that USANA helps preserve the earth we live on are: Reducing our carbon footprint Ensuring more efficient energy […]

Trash Talk with USANA

Happy Halloween, USANA!! I hope you all get more than enough candy, and all-pumpkin-everything today! My name is Cindy Arunga, and I am a new addition to the team here at USANA. I have been working particularly closely with USANA Green as well as the kosher portion of the Quality Assurance team, and enjoying every day […]