Entries by Sarah Tomoser Walker

Live it! By Standing Tall

Small things can make a big impact. A small rudder guides a large ship. The slightest adjustment to the right or the left can alter the final destination of a ship hundreds of miles. But what are the small differences we can make to improve ourselves? One way that I strive to continue learning and […]


Live It! Live More By Giving

At the end of a long day sometimes a hot bath, or snuggling up to read a good book is exactly what we need to recharge. While having a relaxing day to yourself can be the cure to relieve stress, reenergize your spirit, or eradicate a sour mood, a different approach may be just as […]


Live It Up by Shaking It Up!

Imagine if the experiences of your life were bottled up, labeled, and stored like spices in a spice rack. What kind of selection would be found in the spice rack of your life? Is it stocked with an array of diverse flavors akin to ginger, allspice, oregano, fennel, or cumin? Or do you simply rely […]


Live It! Looking Back for a Better Future

At USANA we take our brand promise very seriously. Truly “everything we do helps you love life and live it.” To help you, and myself, live up to this promise this is the first of the new “Live it!” series where each entry will highlight something you can do help you live life to the […]

Business-Building Tip: Personalize Your Presentations

This year USANA is placing a special focus on YOU! To make it easier to personalize your prospecting and training, the Health & Freedom Solution presentation has been formatted into 21 segments, and is now available as a podcast on iTunes.* With the new Health & Freedom Solution presentation format, you can easily share the […]