Business-Building Tip: Personalize Your Presentations

This year USANA is placing a special focus on YOU! To make it easier to personalize your prospecting and training, the Health & Freedom Solution presentation has been formatted into 21 segments, and is now available as a podcast on iTunes.*

With the new Health & Freedom Solution presentation format, you can easily share the portions of the presentation, in your preferred order, to fit the needs of each of your prospects. Michael Callejas, 1-Star Diamond Director, said the new format allows prospects and newer Associates to get answers to their questions faster. “There’s no set format anymore — it’s simply answering the questions that they have.”

With the Health & Freedom Solution available in podcast format on iTunes, you now have ultimate portability to share the vision of true health and true wealth. Once you download the presentation, the segments can be shown (without internet access) on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Now that the Health & Freedom Solution is only as far away as your phone, any moment can be the perfect moment to share the USANA vision.

Michael recommends highlighting the specific Health & Freedom Solution segments that answer their questions, while still encouraging them to watch the entire presentation.

Once you have downloaded the presentation segment, it is possible to create a customized playlist on your computer to best fit the needs of the viewer. Now you can enjoy crystal clear picture with ultimate accessibility on your smartphone or tablet.

Be sure to use the reformatted Health & Freedom Solution for your presentations and training. The podcast segments can be downloaded from the iTunes store or other locations where podcasts are distributed.

*Health & Freedom Solution is currently only available on iTunes in select languages.

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  1. Ekayani Chamberlin
    Ekayani Chamberlin says:

    Dear Management Team,
    This is great news. However I have a problem with a new tool and I suspect many others do as well. I have tried my hand ant the True Health Companion and it’s long, confusing and does not seem to provide a quick solution to guide my busy busy customers.It was an excellent tool.
    Please bring back the Health Assesment Advisor. I don’t know how I am going to make customized product recommendations now without it. Keeping it would have enhanced the True Health Companion which I hope gets easier to use. A great idea but in reality hard to navigate, time consuming and information intensive. Unless you have a calorie book handy (I don’t) it is daunting to have to figure that out and then enter it in with all the other questions. Can you make it simpler?
    Thanks for listening as always. Your support is invaluable.


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