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Grand Opening of USANA China Facility: Inside the Building

It was a sunny day in Beijing. Ribbon cutting on the red carpet, loud blasting and red balloons in the air, everyone was smiling and clapping in front of a grand building with the logo of USANA. It was March 21, when USANA’s China subsidiary, BabyCare held a grand opening for its new facility. This […]

10 St. Patrick’s Day Green Tea Recipes

St. Patrick’s Day means scouring the Web for “green” recipes. Cabbage, mint and spinach are go-to ingredients for all your green-food needs. But if you follow the health trends, you know that matcha, or green tea powder, is a healthy and relatively new ingredient to incorporate into your recipes. I have an affinity for green food, […]

How to Pick Fish Oil Supplements: 4 Things to Know

Maybe you’re not an expert on nutritional supplements. Odds are you’ve heard about fish oil and its health benefits, though. It’s often in the news. You have so many options for fish oil supplements. How do you choose a supplement that works best for you? To answer this question, let’s get to know a little […]