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USANA 首席科学官:InCelligence技术如何促进细胞健康?

USANA首席科学官Rob Sinnott博士与您深入解释InCelligence,讨论细胞讯号传输、细胞健康以及USANA InCelligence技术®如何改变营养科学的未来,如何融入未来的营养。

Dr. Rob Sinnott Explains How USANA InCelligence Technology Promotes Cellular Health

At last year’s International Convention, USANA introduced the concept of influencing cell signaling through nutrition and the impact that has, and will have, on USANA going forward. The new products released at that time and the science that…

USANA InCelligence技术™:三种方式帮您释放健康活力

USANA InCelligence技术,将利用以下三种方式,帮助您释放个人最佳健康*:


InCelligence Unlocks the Code for Personalized Optimal Health

USANA InCelligence™ Unlocks Vibrant Health

  Hey there readers! Tomorrow, April 7, is World Health Day. And to celebrate, we are highlighting the newest way USANA is working toward our founder Dr. Myron Wentz’ vision of creating the healthiest family on earth: creating…
InCelligence Unlocks the Code for Personalized Optimal Health

Ressource infographique : Les CellSentials d’USANA

Avez-vous déjà commencé à prendre les CellSentialsMD d’USANAMD? Les CellSentials incluent Vita-Antioxidant et Core Minerals, et ces produits utilisent le pouvoir de la signalisation cellulaire pour nourrir, protéger et renouveler vos…