Big Winners! USANA’s ‘Crazy Cash’ Contest


It’s not every day you’re able to witness hundreds-of-thousands of dollars awarded to a handful of genuinely stunned/excited/grateful individuals.

That’s right. $260,000 was awarded to Associates of many levels at the recently completed Canada Cross-Regional Conference (XRC) and at other events. For those who were unable to attend the events, winners were notified via personal telephone calls from USANA vice presidents and field directors.


I had the opportunity to see first-hand several of USANA’s Crazy Cash Contest winners receive their prizes at the XRC in Toronto.

It was quite the sight. Excitement and anticipation filled the room as winners were called to the stage. Each individual knew he or she had won a prize — but the amount of the prize won remained a mystery until the live announcement.

Soon after the first name was read, the crowd went crazy and tweets started flying! Here are a couple I saw…

What a way to culminate the 12-week Crazy Cash Contest in which enrollments, rank advancement, and overall growth decided the winners.

It truly was an exciting atmosphere and a thrilling way to wrap up the XRC!

List of Winners

Ruby–Star Diamond
1st — Robin Tremblay, $25,000
2nd — Vincent Chan, $18,000
3rd — Jordan Kemper, $10,000
4th — Michael G. Callejas, $7,000
5th — Qun (Queeney) Tang, $5,000

1st — Anna Jonca, $20,000
2nd — Ling May Wu Young, $15,500
3rd — Y. W. Cecilia Li, $10,000
4th — Brittany Prentice, $4,500
4th — Dena Koehler, $4,500
4th — Stephen Sami Makanju, $4,500
5th — Joe Edward Katchka, $2,000
5th — Aristotle Ibasco, $2,000
5th — Hector Ramirez, $2,000

Achiever–Bronze Director
1st — Shangfei Gao, $12,500
2nd — Manuel D. Hernandez Jr., $8,500
3rd — Yingchun Karen Wu, $6,500
4th — Yan Juen Lin, $3,500
4th — Pengxiang Gao, $3,500
4th — Meiling Zhu, $3,500
4th — Xiujuan Gong, $3,500
4th — Tracy Lyn Wenkman, $3,500
5th — Maggie Rui Zhu Li, $2,500
5th — Pei Huang $2,500
5th — M. Jake Chesney $2,500
5th — Yu Ting Sun, $2,500
6th — Seth & Andrea Michael Flohr, $1,000
6th — Chyu-Chyn Chen, $1,000
6th — Si Si Wang, $1,000
6th — Stephane Marceau, $1,000
6th — Doriz S. Lopez, $1,000
6th — Patricia Laqui, $1,000
6th — Cynthia Hu, $1,000
6th — Sachiko Burgess, $1,000
6th — Simone Teresa Lewis, $1,000
6th — May Waldon, $1,000

1st — Feyisayo Tolani, $12,500
2nd — Jinyun Zhang, $8,500
3rd — Bella S. Lee, $6,500
4th — Cindy Lang Thai, $3,500
4th — Zwei Ying Lin, $3,500
4th — Yue Cheng, $3,500
4th — Phassamon Kohl, $3,500
4th — Dale Nelson, $3,500
5th — Jinling Wang, $2,500
5th — Yvonne M. Acosta, $2,500
5th — Yukie Hu Raymond Chiu, $2,500
5th —Hank Kuypers, $2,500
6th — Rong Wang, $1,000
6th — Jing Hua Wang, $1,000
6th — Alice Choi, $1,000
6th — Wen Yu Li, $1,000
6th — Qin Puccio, $1,000
6th — Toye Olanrewaju Elewode, $1,000
6th — Marie Esther De La Torre, $1,000
6th — Huan Fen Guan, $1,000
6th — Miao Qing Fong, $1,000
6th — Ying Yang, $1,000

Here are a few more photos of some of the winners.

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