Staying Healthy with USANA: Little Reminders, Big Results

Let’s be honest. I have it easy. I mean, I’m set. I have it made. After all, I work for USANA Health Sciences, a company that believes that health and happiness are two of the most important goals in life. To show their commitment to my health, I receive a HealthPak™ each and every month, which includes the Essentials™, bone-supporting Active Calcium™, and USANA’s unique AO Booster™ for that added, well, boost, of antioxidant protection.*

Little reminders can help you stay on track when it comes to remembering to take your supplements.

Little reminders can help you stay on track when it comes to remembering to take your supplements.

But even with all the perks that come with working for a leader in nutritional health, I sometimes forget things. Like taking those convenient, handy, ever-present HealthPaks. And forgetting to take my HealthPak makes me sad, not happy. I realized I needed to do something to help me stay on track with my nutritional goals. Here’s what I came up with.

Use the Buddy System

At USANA, everyone has some sort of collection of nutritional products at their desk. This is a perfect person to use for the buddy system. But if you’re not so fortunate, find a supplement buddy wherever you can. This can be someone you work with, a family member, or even a friend who’s out of state. The point is that each of you wants to be better about taking your supplements regularly, and you’re both committed to reminding the other to do so.

I guarantee that if you use the buddy system, you’ll be more likely to remember to pop those pills yourself. And if you forget? Chances are, your buddy will remember and remind you! Utilize e-mail, text messages, phone calls, or actual face time to make sure your other healthy half takes those vitamins morning and night.

Create a Phone Alert

While not as fun as the buddy system, setting up a reoccurring phone alert can help you remember to take your vitamins twice a day, every day. This is particularly useful on the weekends, especially if your supplement buddy is a work friend. I set up two alarms on my phone for every day: one at 8 a.m. and another at 6 p.m. It’s difficult to forget to take your vitamins if your phone beeps at you until you do it.

Keep a Few in the Car, a Few in the Purse

…a few in your gym bag, a few at your sister’s house, a few at the in-laws’ place, a few in your luggage. Stick extra HealthPaks everywhere you’ve ever found yourself without them!

Trust me, if you spend five minutes stashing the packs around now, you’ll definitely remember to take your vitamins when you’re out and about, living life and doing all the fun stuff you do.

I’ve found that I’m much more likely to take my HealthPaks when they just happen to be wherever I am. Plus, having a few extra for friends never hurts.

How About You?

What do you do to help make sure you get the proper nutrition every day?

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or medical condition.

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  1. Diana Yin
    Diana Yin says:

    I put my vitamins in front of my computer monitor at work so they’re always in front of me. Also, I’m in charge of nutrition at home, so knowing that it’s up to me to remind my fiancee to take his vitamins and to give probiotics to the dog, helps me to remember to take my own!

    • Christopher Sanchez
      Christopher Sanchez says:

      Probiotics for your dog, I did not know that we could give probiotics to our dogs. Can you explain how you do that. I have a 4 month old puppy, half St Bernard & half English Mastiff. Harry is 61 lbs. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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