Track and Maintain Your Health Goals With USANA’s True Health Assessment

True Health Assessment ColorLogo copyWe live in a world in which technology is advancing at the speed of light. It takes an innovative company to keep pace.

Now try taking the latest technology and incorporating it into the ever-changing field of nutritional science. It takes a scientific company to not only keep pace but to remain on the cutting edge.

Good thing USANA devotes time and talent to improving technology, while also employing a worldwide team of more than 60 scientists.

But how would you ever combine the two?

Insert USANA’s True Health Assessment, the global app that offers you a personalized approach to measuring your health.

Eating right and exercising are hard enough. Now when you think about taking the next step toward optimal health by adding nutritional supplements to your daily routine, knowing exactly where to start can be overwhelming.

Again, USANA’s True Health Assessment is a great place to start.

True Health Assessment Screen Shot

The purpose of the innovative web-based and mobile app is to make maintaining optimal health as easy and as personalized as possible.

But that’s just the beginning.

Track Your Health-Related Goals

Have you thought about using USANA’s True Health Assessment to track your progress and make sure your health-related goals are being met? We know that diets, lifestyles and your nutritional needs are unique and will change over time.

Maybe your nutritional needs have changed because…

  • You reached a health goal
  • You’re working on a new goal
  • You’re growing older
  • You’re having a child
  • Or maybe you’ve decided to run your first marathon or triathlon

To track your progress and to make sure your nutritional supplements are optimized, take the True Health Assessment regularly. We recommend launching the app daily, weekly, monthly, or at a minimum, annually to help you track your progress and to make sure your nutritional products are as personalized as possible.

That’s just one more innovative way you, your friends, family and business partners can utilize this powerful tool.

Share Your Success Stories

You may have heard that USANA recently made the True Health Assessment available worldwide in several languages. Have you had success with the THA? Please share your stories below in the comments section and let us know how the True Health Assessment has benefited you.

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The future of personalized health and nutrition is now available with USANA’s True Health Assessment.
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