Sneak Peek: RESET Challenge Winners at Sanoviv

USANA Sanoviv RESET blog winners

Let me start by saying this: if you’ve never visited Sanoviv before, take what you think you know and throw it out the window.

As the writer assigned to cover the RESET™ winners’ week-long stay here at the medical facility, I can tell you that I have been blown away by what goes on at this place! Seriously — I’m prepared to call it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I couldn’t say that if I hadn’t seen it first-hand.

Chief Communications Officer Dan Macuga addresses the RESET Challenge winners at a special welcome dinner

Chief Communications Officer Dan Macuga addresses the RESET Challenge winners at a special welcome dinner.

From the moment I walked in the door, I’ve been in the most healing, toxin-free environment possible. (They even provide guests with their own set of all-organic, cotton sweat pants, shirts, and hoodies.)

That’s what is so great about Sanoviv though — they take no shortcuts when it comes to creating a space that’s guaranteed to provide you with a relaxing, safe visit.

From the exclusive medical treatments to the breathtaking views, facilities, and guest rooms, it’s the perfect combination of healing and comfort. Just yesterday, as I swam in one of the all-natural sea salt pools, I had an incredible view of two whales swimming off the coast of Rosarito, México. And this was only within an hour of having my microscopic blood screening completed.

See what I mean about the perfect combination?

The RESET Challenge Winners

Alright, alright. Enough about me. Let’s get to the real reason why I’m here: the grand-prize winners of Destination Transformation (you know, the ultimate RESET Challenge).

It was my second day at Sanoviv when the winners began to arrive one by one. Each new face that walked through the door brought a new sense of excitement, a new inspirational story, and — most importantly — a new smile.

Every one of the contest winners has expressed through their words, and through their actions, just how grateful they are for this amazing experience.

While some of them entered the Challenge thinking of Sanoviv as a prize of a lifetime, others weren’t even sure of what the facility was until they knew they’d won the Challenge. It took only a few hours and a grand tour of the Sanoviv grounds for everyone to understand just how awesome their stay would be.

It takes a pretty tough cookie not to share the excitement of these contest winners and embrace their new outlook on life. Even though I might consider myself somewhat emotionally detached at times (I can’t even get myself to cry when Bambi’s mom gets killed by the hunters), I’ve caught my eyes watering a time or two when interviewing the winners.

All have a unique story of why they needed to lose weight and exactly how they pushed through the 90 days to become the healthy person they only dreamed of before.

The USANA RESET Challenge winners gather for an oceanside morning yoga session

The USANA RESET Challenge winners gather for an oceanside morning yoga session.

What’s to Come

I know to end this story now may seem abrupt, but I can already tell I’m getting too passionate and detailed.

This was only meant to be a small teaser for the main story coming later this week. I just wanted to drop in and let you know not only how much fun we’re all having, but also how much we’re learning during our time here at Sanoviv.

After only a few days, I can see why this was chosen as the grand prize for these hard-working individuals.

The lessons they take away from this place will stay with them forever, helping them to continue their new lives of health and happiness. And while that’s looking into the future, what I can tell you about the present is that these winners are some of the most inspiring people to spend time with.

Each one has earned their stay here, and they are more than deserving of this special prize. After what now seems like a very minimal weight-loss journey of my own, I can only express how thankful I am to share this experience with all of them.

Join me in congratulating our grand-prize winners in the comments section, and keep an eye out for a more in-depth recap to come later this week.

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  1. Ekayani Chamberlin
    Ekayani Chamberlin says:

    Wow!!! This is so wonderful! So wonderful! Yay!!!! Can’t wait to hear the rest!!!! Thank you Nick for writing!

  2. Nanette
    Nanette says:

    Thank you Nick . Congratulations to all the winners.
    Wish you all the best and it is great that you take the big step and did what you “want” to make a difference.


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