USANA RESET: Entering the Home Stretch

RESET ScaleAlright folks, we are approaching the finish line for the RESET Challenge: Destination Transformation.

In fact, we have less than two weeks left until we tally the results and announce the grand prize winners. Time sure has flown by, and I personally have been amazed at all the accomplishments so far.

For starters, we’ve collectively lost over 17,000 pounds! That’s incredible — imagine six compact cars full of fat. That’s how much we’ve lost!

We’ve also seen some amazing stories like Mikel Ann Hall, who lost more than 60 pounds and completed her first Ironman. She’s become such an inspiration to all of us.

We’re excited to hear many of you have already reached your weight loss goals. For those of you who aren’t quite there yet, keep going! We encourage you to find a buddy who will help you continue on your path to success.

We also want to make sure we give you the necessary tools you need to carry that success past April 7 and make changes for good. That’s why we’ve created so many ways for you to keep the momentum going.

Continue to track your weight loss through our website Right there on your dashboard, you can access insider tips from our well-known and well-loved celebrity fitness trainer Kathy Kaehler. Also, be sure to like our Facebook page and YouTube playlist for advice, motivational tips and more.

Remember, the contest ends April 7 so give it your best during this last home stretch! We want to see you at Sanoviv in May!

RESET Sanoviv

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  1. Brian Louden
    Brian Louden says:

    My results on essentials have been amazing after just a couple of weeks. My “Well Man” six monthly health check produced the following results:Blood pressure normal,cholesterol 4.2. I have been instructed to cut my blood pressure medication by 50%. My doctor wants to monitor my results in four weeks time.

  2. Brian Louden
    Brian Louden says:


    I just thought an update may be in order. My comment was written in April 2013. My blood pressure is normal but my cholesterol is down to 2.9. So that has dropped from 4.2 in 2013


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