What Makes USANA MySmart™Foods So Smart?





Food keeps you alive. The right food helps you thrive.

But with so many options, choosing the right foods can be difficult. What if the smartest choice was the easiest one to make?

Now it is.

USANA MySmart Protein Shakes and MySmart™Bars are the delicious, wholesome choices that fit perfectly into your life. And you can start making the smart choice today.

What Makes Them So Smart?

MySmartFoods spring from a foundation of solid science.

  • They have simple ingredients derived from natural sources—the kind you can actually pronounce and understand.
  • And these ingredients create a beneficial balance of macronutrients—carbohydrates, proteins, and beneficial fats—with minimal sugar.
  • These great shakes and bars were formulated with essential macronutrients and fewer carbs to bring balance to the modern carbohydrate-heavy diet.
  • Adding one shake a day to your diet—taken with the USANA® Essentials™—provides the essential macro- and micro-nutrition to support your health goals.

Shaking Up Your Routine

You deserve a shake that fits your body’s needs and tickles you taste buds, too. Because sometimes it’s a peach mango kind of day and other times you just need some dark chocolate in your life.

MySmart Protein Shake are designed to deliver just that—personalization made easy. That’s because you can choose from:

  • Three protein bases with a mild vanilla flavor—sourced from plant, soy, or whey
  • Five USANA MySmart™ Flavor Optimizers—dark chocolate, cappuccino, peach mango, banana and orange cream
  • Mix in fruit, greens, your favorite healthy ingredients or other USANA products—like Fibergy® Plus, or USANA® Probiotic

MySmartFoods are customizable enough to work with your dietary needs and support your goals—wherever you are on your journey to optimal health.

And the best part—you really can’t go wrong. Anyway you shake it, you’re making the smart choice. (See what I did there?)

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9 replies
    • Sarah Flinn
      Sarah Flinn says:

      There will be product/ingredient information on the shopping cart when the products become available online. For the shakes, the plant protein base is dairy and soy free so it will be replacing Nutrimeal Free. Do you have any other specific questions?

  1. David Deal
    David Deal says:

    Please mark the flavor sticks and bars more clearly. I have to put on my reading glasses in order to distinguish between banana and orange, and the cashew vs peanut bars. Thank you.

  2. David Deal
    David Deal says:

    Please mark flavor sticks and bars more clearly. I have to put on my reading glasses in order to differentiate between orange and peach mango and cashew and peanut. Thank you.

  3. Zoe
    Zoe says:

    Finally a shake that I have been searching for, for months. Being unable to eat diary or meat there is very limited options (and some not so pleasant tasting)


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