Colorful Choices: Building Your USANA Rainbow of Good Health

Colored pencil wheelIt’s the kind of question you can answer immediately even though you haven’t been asked for a while. No thought’s required, because you’ve probably had the same answer since you were a much, much smaller person.

“What’s your favorite color?”

You have one, surely. Or, at the very least, an answer that’s as much muscle memory as opinion. Your favorite color was the first important choice you made for yourself. I like blue. I like green. I like purple or red or pink. Whatever it was, it mattered. And it still does.

Color is identity. Always has been. It sums up our beliefs, our rooting interests, our pride, our loyalties — and in some cases — our desires.

Maybe that’s why our redesigned products are so colorful. In the nine different colored spheres of activity splashed on our new bottles, you can find something you identify with, something you desire, something you and your body need.

Or maybe they’re so colorful because it looks really, really awesome, and allows you to easily identify what benefits you’ll get from the products in each category. You decide.

USANA Essentials
Essentials™: The name says it all. These are the foundation for good health. Enough said.



USANA Cardiovascular
Cardiovascular System: It’s at the heart of everything your body does. Pumping out blood, which carries nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.



USANA Nervous System
Nervous System: We’re better than computers. But our neural circuits require some care. So support the health of your brain, spinal cord, and nerves.



USANA Cellular Function
Cellular Function: It all starts with cells. They’re the fundamental molecules of life, serving a variety of unique functions. Our health depends on their proper functioning.



USANA Skeletal System
Skeletal System: Your bones, cartilage, and connective tissues keep you moving and provide protection for your internal organs. Stand up for your skeletal system.



USANA Endocrine
Endocrine System: Glands aren’t glamorous, but they’re important. The endocrine system is a group of glands that regulate a variety of body processes by producing hormones.


USANA Digestive
Digestive System: The saying should probably be “You are what you digest” instead. Your digestive system takes what you eat and breaks it down to usable forms and removes waste and toxins.


So What’s Your Favorite Color?

Luckily, you don’t have to choose just one. We give you all the colorful choices you need to personalize your health, and help you love life and live it. Start building your rainbow of good health today by visiting USANA’s Shopping Cart.

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