USANA13: You Can’t Top This Excitement

USANA13 Snacks

We’ve been telling you for a while about a certain huge announcement we were going to make. Well, Thursday at USANA13 was the day.

And, boy was it a doozy — in the best way.

For all the particulars about the major business enhancements announced Thursday morning, head over to USANAtoday.com.

If that’s not exciting enough, did we mention MC Hammer made a special surprise appearance once CEO Dave Wentz finished revealing the “most significant announcement in USANA history?”

USANA13 - MC Hammer

The evening session was also packed with recognition, excitement, and big announcements of its own (see what we’re talking about here, and then be sure to head to USANAToday.com for all the details).

Snacks2013USAnd hopefully you moved it, moved it at the post-session dance party.

So much excitement. So many huge things going on. So sorry to have to mention that we’re halfway done.

So let’s make ’em count. Keep up the conversation on social media using #USANA13 and #LiveIt.

Here’s some of the best social media from Thursday. For a full selection of photos from #USANA13, visit USANA on Smugmug.

And once again, I joined in on this Live Streaming craze with a couple of well-timed, informative and downright entertaining live videos. Take a look.

In the morning…

And in the evening…

Catch all the live streaming action on USANA Live.

See you soon.

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