90-Day ‘Best You Challenge’ Starts Oct. 1

USANA Spokesperson Jen Groover

Jen Groover

Summer is over, the holidays are just around the corner.

For many of us, the next three months are filled with family, friends and joyous celebrations. For some, the end of the year may also mean overcoming obstacles, both personally and professionally.

How do you help ensure that you remain focused on your goals throughout the remainder of 2013 and set yourself up for success in the new year?

We’re pleased to announce that transformational expert and USANA spokesperson Jen Groover will be leading an all-new The Best You Challenge to help you break through your personal barriers and achieve the success you deserve, and the inner peace you desire.

“The Best You Challenge was created to inspire people to live to their fullest potential by providing daily challenges that provoke heightened awareness, reflection and goal setting,” Jen says. “It incorporates affirmations to eliminate self-limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns.”



Participate on Social Media

For the next 90 days — from Oct. 1 until the end of 2013 — Jen will provide daily video challenges on The Best You Challenge Facebook page (participants may also follow along using the #BestYou hashtag on Twitter and Instagram).

It’s there that you will join a community of others who are also committed to experiencing their own personal transformation. The format lends itself to additional encouragement, relationship building and accountability.


Jen offers the following advice to make sure you get the most out of The Best You Challenge:

  1. Commit to the entire program. Put it on your to-do list every day and set aside time to watch the video, reflect afterwards and journal.
  2. Invite your family members, co-workers or anyone you interact with consistently in your life, so that you can not only hold each other accountable but, more importantly, grow together.
  3. Reach out if you know someone who is going through a hard time or in a transformational time of their lives and looking for guidance and support.

We encourage you to visit the Facebook page today — there’s already a wealth of information from previous challenges to get you ready for the next installment, which is set to kick off next week.

The Best You Challenge concept originated from Jen’s almost 20 years of motivational speaking, writing and coaching, and living the life of an entrepreneur.

“I have realized what most fears people have in common, how damaging self-limiting beliefs are to success and happiness,” she says. “I walk my walk. I have applied all of these challenges and principles to my own life to keep reaching higher, impacting others more and consistently living from a daily place of massive inner-fulfillment.”

The Best You Challenge

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