Power of 11 Webinars Return With Lineup of Canadian and U.S. Mentors

The Power of 11 is back!

In 2012, Belynda Lee, vice president of USANA Canada and the North American Asian market set out to create a program that would showcase Canada’s experienced and passionate leaders and to help the Canadian market grow by having them mentor a new generation of leaders.

Within a year, the Power of 11 series has proven not only to be successful in growing the USANA family in Canada, but it has also gained huge popularity in USANA’s other markets, including the United States and Mexico.

The Power of 11 is back by popular demand, and this time, the mentors will come from not just Canada but also from the United States.

Eleven new mentors are guaranteed to make Season 2 jam-packed with excitement and infinite possibilities for growth in North America.

Season 2 mentors include:

  • John Cunningham, 2 Star Diamond Director, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Paul Dueck, Diamond Director, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Ani Black, 1 Star Diamond Director, Victoria, British Columbia
  • Carla Wilchuck, Ruby Director, Edmonton, Alberta
  • Annette Que, 6 Star Diamond Director, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Cecilia Li, 8 Star Diamond Director, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Adrian Chan, 6 Star Diamond Director, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Elisa Graci, Ruby Director, Toronto, Ontario
  • Aaron Dinh, 2 Star Diamond Director, San Jose, California
  • Nancy On, Diamond Director, San Jose, California
  • Bibiana Pau, 4 Star Diamond Director, Bellevue, Washington

This incredible lineup is featured in a series of webinars that will be sure to resonate with a wide audience and open minds to a world of possibilities with USANA.


Power of 11 mentors Paul Duek, left, Aaron Dinh, Carla Wilchuck, John Cunningham, Cecilia Lee, Bibiana Pau, Annete Que, Ani Black, Adrian Chan,Elisa Graci and Nancy On

On Sept. 3, the Power of 11 kicked off its first set of online webinars with a high-energy introductory call. Participating leaders each gave their reasons why they want to participate in the Power of 11 and what they intend to bring to the table.

It was very clear that although everyone comes from different walks of life and brings unique trainings, they all have the same vision — to share their knowledge and expertise to help the USANA family grow.

“Although we are on our second season, with all new mentors and trainings, the mission statement for the Power of 11 has remained the same: To mentor, grow and strengthen new leaderships within North America, and to pass the USANA legacy to our future,” Belynda says.

Beginning today (Sept. 10) and running through Dec. 10, the Power of 11 mentors will be sharing their stories and lessons with Associates via weekly webinars. From learning how to deal with rejections, to escaping the corporate rat race, valuable experiences and lessons will be related in hopes to help others through some of their obstacles. These webinars are a great place to invite guests and teammates to help grow your USANA business. Tune in every Tuesday at 6 p.m. PDT.

For more information on the Power of 11 and its weekly webinars, “like” the Power of 11 Facebook page.


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