USANA Fortune 25: A Grand (and Surprise) Finale

USANA Fortune 25 Day 6

After four days of the finest hotels, fantastic local food, tours of amazing palaces and museums, and luxurious gifts, it seemed like USANA’s Fortune 25 trip couldn’t get any better.

USANA Fortune 25 Day 6But USANA’s Events & Recognition team (led by Amanda Fawson on this trip) knows that any great performance needs a grand finale. And they delivered it on Friday night in Vienna, the City of Music.

The formal gala actually began outside the Hotel Imperial, where guests were excited to find a line of horse-drawn carriages waiting to transport them along Vienna’s historic Ringstrasse to the Kunsthistoriches Museum. The museum, one of the city’s major attractions, houses the vast art collection of the Habsburg rulers. And we had the building all to ourselves.

After a reception and photos in the museum foyer, we walked up the museum’s grand staircase to the cupola hall to be seated for dinner. It was then that USANA Chief Communications Officer Dan Macuga introduced the evening’s surprise entertainment — a private concert by the Vienna Boys Choir.

USANA Fortune 25 Day 6

As a special surprise for the Fortune 25, the group was treated to a private concert by the renowned Vienna Boys Choir.

Two-dozen talented members of the famous choir performed a selection of classic and Austrian folk songs for amazed USANA leaders. They also sang “Happy Birthday” to Fortune 25 member Cecilia Li. (How many people can say they received that for their birthday?!) The museum’s soaring ceilings and neo-baroque decorations were the perfect backdrop for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Later, after an exceptional dinner, we spent our last hour together wandering through one of the grand exhibition halls, marveling at massive paintings created centuries ago by European masters.

The group was quiet and appreciative. As our company’s top leaders who have built lasting family businesses of their own, they recognize an incredible legacy when they see one.


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