Technology 101: Share USANA Stories Wherever You Go

As technology has evolved, I know I have become more dependent on it. I do not know what I would do if I left my iPhone at home.

At USANA’s 2014 International Convention, Jeremy Stansfield shared some great tips on how he uses technology — and USANA Studios’ Amazing Videos — in his presentations.

More From Jeremy

A few weeks ago, Shawn McLelland, USANA’s VP of Events, sat down with Jeremy to talk about his presentations.

[youtube] [/youtube]
If you are unable to view this video, please visit the USANA YouTube channel.

Ready, Set, Present

Wow … more great information from Jeremy, and I learned new things from Shawn, too. Being familiar with the tools and resources that USANA provides is your first step to ensure you are always ready to share USANA stories. Taking advantage of today’s smart phones and tablets means you are ready anywhere you are.

 The videos created by USANA Studios are on USANA’s YouTube channel. They include corporate information, success stories, athlete stories, training and more. Some of our newest are our product videos and Ask A Leader series. We encourage you to subscribe to the YouTube channel so you are notified when new videos are added.

Start Sharing

We have heard from Jeremy, now, how about you. Please leave a comment, and share how you use technology and USANA’s videos as part of your presentations. Also, let us know what your favorite video is.

Good luck at your next presentation!

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