Pumpkin Problems: The Terrifying Fall Treats

Pumpkin Treat

Jack-o-lanternGrowing up, all a pumpkin really meant to me was that Halloween was well on its way. And as excited as this made me, it pales in comparison to the hype associated with the recent pumpkin-flavoring trend.

At what point did a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte become a “PSL”? An acronym—really?

Who am I kidding? I’d be a total liar if I said I didn’t indulge in the pumpkin madness every now and then, so there’s really no point in being a hater.

Instead, I’m going to take the informative approach.

It’s time to do some number crunching on your favorite pumpkin treats.

Fair warning: this may frighten you more than the terrors of Halloween.


I already mentioned it, so we might as well start with the famous pumpkin spice latte.

While this warm, tasty beverage highlights all the goodness of PSL Factsfreshly brewed coffee, cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin pie spices, the other highlights aren’t so positive.

Sure, there’s a nice punch of protein at 14 grams per servings, but take into account 52 grams of carbohydrates and 50 grams of sugar.

That’s when you start to see the nutritional blunder this beverage really is. Just to put it into perspective, the PSL contains more sugar than one can of Mountain Dew.

Try this instead: Sure, it’s not as extravagant, but I discovered this unique pumpkin chai latte recipe.

It sounds super simple to make, and I’d encourage you to leave out the optional whip cream. I think an even better option would include a healthy amount of protein and fiber, but I still consider this a much better choice than the PSL.

The DoughNOT

I keep hearing this radio ad for Dunkin’ Donuts new pumpkin cheesecake square donut. There it is, playing every morning on my commute to work.

I hate it.

Do you know how hard it is to start your day healthy when you’re drooling at the thought of a warm, scrumptious donut?

Luckily, I found a way to curb my craving: looking at the nutrition facts.

Dunkin Donut Pumpkin Square

I’m not about to start my morning with 340 calories, 48 grams of carbs, and 25 grams of sugar. That donut contains more calories, carbs, and sugar than a serving of chocolate ice cream.

Try this instead: I know this sounds crazy, but did you know you can make breakfast at home?

If I didn’t just blow your mind, you should click here for our take on a wholesome peanut butter Crockpot oatmeal recipe (swap out the peanut butter for pumpkin to get your fall flavor fix). You can throw everything together on Sunday night and have a week’s worth of breakfast ready to go.

The Bagel at its Baddest

Pumpkin BagelApparently, Enstein Bros. Bagels serves what are called “gourmet topped bagels,” and they’ve catered to you pumpkin maniacs with a pumpkin walnut crunch bagel. Feast your eyes on the nutrition facts, my friends.

This bad boy swoops in with 450 calories, 77 grams of carbs, and 25 grams of sugar. That’s quite the bagel—one that I choose to steer clear of to avoid destroying my wellness goals in one sitting.

Try this instead: It’s not a bagel by any means, but you can still get a nice dose of pumpkin flavor with a healthy spiced pumpkin, yogurt, and granola parfait.

The protein in the Greek yogurt paired with fiber from the granola is a perfect way to amplify the canned pumpkin.

What’s Your Pumpkin Preference?

This is only the beginning when it comes to the pumpkin love.

I know our readers have plenty of healthy suggestions or recipes to recommend. Be sure to share this information on your social sites and then comment below with your own advice on battling the diet fails of the fall season.

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