USANA連續14年打破銷售記錄 2016年銷售額超10億美元


USANA连续14年打破销售记录 2016年销售额超10亿美元


6 Benefits of Effective Communication

  How do you communicate? Rarely will I receive a handwritten letter in the mail. Even more rare is receiving or sending a fax. The way we communicate has changed drastically in the past decade. It’s a world of clicks, tweets,… Best Brand Featured

USANA Ranked No. 1 Choice for Consumers

Consumers have spoken, and USANA continues to stand above the rest.’s Survey of Vitamin and Supplement Users named USANA the 2017 Top Rated Direct Selling Brand. A customer satisfaction survey determines the award recipient.…

USANA Lifestyle : Lucy Chen的美丽蜕变

每个人都有想改变生活的时候。而对于Lucy Chen来说,生活方式的彻底改变却从急诊室开始的。

Nearly 1,300 Chinese Athletes Join Team USANA

USANA's China subsidiary, BabyCare Ltd., is now an official sponsor of China’s General Administration of Sports Training Bureau. Through the partnership, BabyCare will provide nearly 1,300 elite athletes with its China Anti-Doping Agency-tested…