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Exercise: Not Just For Weight Loss

Exercise is important, but don’t think of it just to lose weight. There are other factors at play. There’s more at stake than the scale As a personal trainer, I meet with a lot of individuals who want to lose weight. The first thing they ask is, “What is the best exercise to lose weight?” […]


Talk Positively to Yourself

Self-Talk Can Help You Get Through Your Workouts Workout mantras—inspirational quotes positioned over images—have been flooding the Internet for years. There may be something more to them than trying to increase your number of Instagram followers. Research shows positive self-talk can improve exercise performance. Self-talk is “the endless stream of unspoken thoughts that run through […]

8 Signs You Need a Rest Day

Exercise seems to be all or nothing. People either hardly exercise at all or they’re diehards who exercise day in and day out. I am a proponent of regular exercise and urge clients to exercise daily. But, there are times when you may need a rest day. Recovery days should be incorporated into all workout routines […]

The Soda Effect: How Sweetened Beverages Change Your Body

With the convenience of vending machines, gas stations, and drive-thru restaurants, getting a soda has never been easier. As a popular beverage choice, we can’t seem to get enough of the sweet, fizzy drinks. Over the last decade, soda has started to get a bad reputation, being taken out of some vending machines and even taxed […]


Eat Fruits, Don’t Drink Them

Juice cleanses are a popular diet trend supposedly designed to help individuals lose a few pounds. But are they really healthy or beneficial? We all know someone who’s done a juice cleanse to lose the last few pounds, get their summer body ready, to detox their body, whatever. But how do these juice cleanses work? […]