Entries by David Baker

Scientifically Speaking: Collaborating for Scientific Good

Science seems a scary, incomprehensible idea for some. In truth, it is nothing more than the quest for understanding. Today, scientists are simply using the corner pieces of previous scientific discovery as a starting point to complete the puzzle of existence. USANA is a science company. Our lab-coat-clad scientists are interested in a particular section […]

A Personal Tour of the Linus Pauling Science Center

It belongs. The Linus Pauling Science Center is right at home on the campus of Oregon State University. Square. Brick. Red. It’s another complementary color against the evergreen backdrop of well-watered Oregon. And it’s new, that much you can tell. But it’s almost identical to the other buildings on campus. The thing you notice most […]

USANA Green: Steps to Securing a Healthier Future

The cold winter sunrise is draped in pink, orange, and yellow — the morning costume of another hazy day in Salt Lake City. By 9 a.m., the pinks and oranges will have receded, leaving a crude yellow-gray shawl to shield the valley from an otherwise clear sky. In this setting it’s hard to be blind […]

The Miracle of Science: A Trip to the Linus Pauling Institute

At cruising altitude, in the middle of a sentence, I’m compelled to look out the window. I’m beckoned by the jagged, snow-covered peak of Mt. Hood jutting through a bed of cheap cotton stuffing — demanding to be reckoned with. It’s beautiful, but it breaks one of my rules for air travel. In-flight, to acknowledge […]

USANA Rev3 Energy® Video Contest: The Envelope, Please

The USANA Rev3 Energy® Video Contest needed an awesome awards presentation to match all the amazing entries we received. And since it was a Rev3 thing, we knew we couldn’t lean on the same dusty awards show staples. There would be no red carpet, no pretty people in pretty clothes, no bloated production numbers, no […]