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Les fondements de l’excellence : l’expertise

Le titre Ph. D. associé au nom de Kevin Spelman en dit déjà long. Ces trois lettres signalent un rare degré de connaissances. Pourtant, elles sont nettement insuffisantes pour prendre en compte l’expertise du vice-président exécutif, Recherche et développement d’USANA. Boursier postdoctoral aux National Institutes of Health, boursier Marie Curie de l’Union européenne, ancien conseiller […]


Elementos de la Excelencia: Experiencia y conocimiento

Las siglas “PhD” que están después del nombre de Kevin Spelman por sí solas dicen mucho.  Esas tres letras representan un raro nivel de conocimiento, pero para dar una idea completa de los conocimientos y la experiencia que tiene el vicepresidente ejecutivo de investigación y desarrollo de USANA se requiere mucho más. Kevin Spelman, PhD, […]

Elements of Excellence: Expertise

The PhD that follows Kevin Spelman’s name already says a lot. Those three letters represent a rarified level of knowledge. But painting a full picture of the expertise of USANA’s executive vice president of research and development requires much more. Kevin Spelman, PhD, post-doctoral fellow at the National Institutes of Health, Marie Curie fellow in […]

Hey! Here Are 5 Tips to Help You Focus

I’m not good at focusing. Want proof? In the process of trying to write this blog, I: Watched four YouTube videos Created a playlist on Spotify called “Focus Schmocus” Checked Twitter about 100 times Read basically the entire Internet Finally, I decided to just make that the beginning of this blog. Because I bet I’m […]

Finding Time to Help at #USANA15

Convention is always packed. There’s barely a moment to catch your breath between the general sessions, workshops, chances to network, parties, book signings, photo opportunities with influencers, team meetings and so much more. But when something’s important, you make time. That’s about the only way we can explain the 3,140 Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) Food […]


What Makes USANA MySmart™Foods So Smart?

      Food keeps you alive. The right food helps you thrive. But with so many options, choosing the right foods can be difficult. What if the smartest choice was the easiest one to make? Now it is. USANA MySmart Protein Shakes and MySmart™Bars are the delicious, wholesome choices that fit perfectly into your […]