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Celavive Takes Over Hollywood

  Health, beauty and lifestyle curators from all over California recently gathered at the prestigious London hotel in West Hollywood to learn all about Celavive: USANA’s new high-performance skincare line. USANA consultant and board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Jennifer Lee wowed upwards of 30 lifestyle curators with the specifics of what makes this highly anticipated innovation in […]

7 Popular Beauty Apps To Try Today

Technology is booming…and in today’s world you can find an app for just about anything: learning, sleeping, dating, exercising, and even translating your cat’s meows to English (yes, that’s a thing). With so many apps—all with different benefits—how can you find those that are worthy of your time and attention? After all, phone space is […]

Sensé: One Gift Your Dad Doesn’t Know He Needs

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and if your dad (or dads) are anything like mine, when you ask for gift ideas, all they’ll say is, “Spending time with you is all I need.” It’s a sweet response, but it’s also frustrating. There are so many gift options out there: golf clubs, shoes, kitchenware, […]