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Green Looks Good: Kent & Robin Thomas

Kent and Robin Thomas have lived in their Chapel Hill, N.C. home for almost 20 years. Last year they were finding their home was no longer meeting all of their needs. The Thomas’ considered moving but because of their quiet neighborhood and its amenities, they ultimately decided to stay and renovate. Kent has worked in […]

5 Ways to Limit Water Usage Outdoors

As it starts to warm up outside, it’s time to start thinking about lawn care. After all, yards can be water guzzlers. In many areas, 50 percent or more of the daily water used goes to lawns and landscaping. Reducing usage inside your home is great, but reducing the water used outside can give you […]

Green Livin’ in the Great White North

USANA Associates Lorne Axell and his wife, Rose, live on a farm in Lamont, Alberta. They’ve lived there for the past 13 years and raised their two children there. The couple lives in a “carriage house” and has a handful of cars. They live an ordinary life except for… well, a lot of things, actually. […]