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Back to School Health Tips

It’s that time of year for many of us. No, I’m not talking about football season and new television shows. Back to school season is here. We make sure they have appropriate school clothes, all the important supplies they need, and we send them off to learn and make new friends. Often overlooked, an important […]

How Do I Know Which Substances are Toxic?

Editor’s Note: Check out the Ask The Scientists blog for more articles like this! Toxic or Not? The plant in the picture is natural, beautiful, and yet its seeds contain ricin, one of the world’s most lethal toxins. Toxicity is one of the least understood concepts in popular health information, and you are constantly bombarded by sensational […]

USANA CellSentials: The Best Got Better

Excitement for CellSentials On the heels of an international convention, and a new product announcement, the level of excitement is higher than I have ever seen. However, I believe there is also a level of confusion resulting from all the new information. Change is always difficult, but science is not static. Our commitment to remain science-based […]

Dietary Fats – The Shift in Expert Recommendations

Science has come a long way since the simplistic admonition in the 1980’s for Americans to eat less fat. It has taken nearly 30 years to officially reverse some recommendations about cholesterol and fat intake, even with relatively strong evidence that the recommendations were not based on current scientific evidence. Also, contrary to our thought […]

How Does Weight Affect Heart Disease?

February is heart health month. If you are like many, the determination of a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and be healthier may already be starting to wane. The following should give your resolve to lose or maintain a healthy weight an extra nudge, and provide a different perspective on heart health. Many lifestyle factors […]