USANA RESET: Fueling Fit in 2012 with Low-Glycemic Foods

Not all foods are created equal. You’ve probably seen the many articles and posts that feature the worst foods imaginable, full of sugar, fat, and sodium. Staying away from these is a no-brainer, but eater beware — home-cooked meals heavy in carbs can also derail your weight loss efforts in 2012.

Fresh foods cooked at home make a huge difference, but picking foods that are low glycemic is key. Research shows that eating low-glycemic foods as part of a balanced diet is a healthy way to help control hunger and start losing weight.

Low-glycemic foods break down in the digestive system more slowly, producing only small fluctuations in blood glucose levels. They provide your body with consistent energy over a longer period of time, unlike refined and processed foods that can cause blood sugar spikes and the quick return of hunger, which in turn leads to overeating.

The glycemic index ranks foods on a scale of 1 to 100 on how they affect the body’s blood glucose levels. Foods are measured on how much your blood glucose increases in the two or three hours after eating. The lower the index rating, the longer your body’s energy stays consistent. Low GI food rankings are from 1 to 55, mid rankings are from 56 to 69, and high rankings are from 70 to 100.

Where Do Your Foods Rank?

So, what are some popular low-glycemic foods and how can you start building a healthy relationship with them? I’m glad you asked. I’ve included some popular ones below.

Can’t find the foods you love or want more detail on the glycemic index or glycemic load? I’ve provided a couple of resources below so you can check out the glycemic index on your favorite foods.

  • Low GI: 1-55
  • Mid GI: 56-69
  • High GI: 70-100


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