USANA Supplements Fueling Elite Athletes’ Fire

A well-oiled machine.

This is the thought that crossed my mind time and again as I toured the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association’s (USSA) Center of Excellence in Park City, Utah. If excellence is the standard, then their operation—from the breathtaking facility to the all-inclusive athlete interaction—has met and exceeded lofty expectation.

From the moment you enter the center, your eyes are drawn upward to stunning chandeliers and colorful montages of alpine and nordic prowess. It’s a showcase for American skiing, snowboarding and freeskiing and serves as a mecca for athletes pushing to unlock untapped potential.

A Strong Partnership

USANA has been a proud partner of USSA since August 2011 and gladly stands as the team’s supplement provider and a major contributor to the team’s nutrition and overall wellness goals.

The Center of Excellence provides aspiring world-class athletes with everything they need to succeed. Here’s a slice of what’s included:

  • A full weight room
  • Training and rehab stations with state-of-the-art equipment to speed recovery
  • A full gymnasium and a skate park

This last area is lovingly referred to as the “ramps and tramps” area. It includes a skate bowl, foam pit, trampolines, bungee cords and other tools that are not only incredibly fun, but also crucial to the training needs of these elite competitors.

A Guided Tour

Our tour guide on this snowy day was Australian-born Troy Flanagan, Ph.D., the center’s High Performance Director.

After stops in Europe and the Far East, including a stint working for the sultan of Brunei, Flanagan leads the scientific aspect of USSA’s athletic training—and he wasted little time in sharing the reason why the center has helped athletes achieve so much success and made an astute connection to USANA in the video clip below.


If you’re unable to view the video, please click here.

It’s All About You

My interest was piqued as he mentioned treating everyone as a separate case study as being the key to getting huge jumps in performance.

It’s true that we all have different needs—in terms of exercise, nutrition, weight loss and supplementation. That’s what makes this partnership unique: the USSA focuses on each athlete as an individual case, and with USANA’s MyHealthPak, each of us can focus on ourselves and tailor our supplementation to fit specific needs. Individualized supplementation is all about you—not what your neighbor needs, not what others need, but simply about your nutritional needs.

USSA & USANA Operate World-Class Facilities

And while USANA’s facilities are equally impressive to that of the Center of Excellence for a very different purpose, it’s not merely the bricks or the equipment that make it such a success. Instead it’s the synergy that having the entire operation in-house, from manufacturing to testing and delivery, that allows USANA to partner in a dynamic and powerful way with our associates to deliver products and services.

We all know that nutrition is important—our daily routines and work depend upon good health. And, while most of us may not have the same rigorous training regimen as the world champion-level athletes training at this facility, the same basic principals apply.

“Certainly our guys in training, out for 6 hours a day in the woods, need more than just food to perform and back up the sort of intensity training,” Flanagan said. “If we don’t supplement them with USANA products, they just can’t survive the workload.”

A Perfect Partnership

Whether you work behind a desk, on a construction site or struggle to keep up with the kids, your overall health and wellness can be affected positively by attention to personal supplementation and daily intake. It is this kind of consideration to the latest techniques, technology and science that makes this a perfect partnership, according to Flanagan.

“Here at the US Ski team and US Snowboarding, we have the latest in science and technology going on behind the scenes to develop our athletes and one of the similarities I see with USANA is that they have that same cutting-edge technology that goes into the R&D behind the products and it’s a perfect partnership for us. We’re really invested in performance, and so is USANA. We have a state-of-the-art nutrition program supporting our Olympic team, but the products we use are totally available to the general consumer through the USANA brand.”

Simply put, our partnership provides fuel to the U.S. Olympic fire, fuel to athletes and the same, premium-level supplementation to fuel your everyday needs.

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