Building a Legacy: Top 20 at the Age of 20

We’re No. 17!

I’m so proud USANA broke into the top 20 of the Direct Selling News Global 100.  This list ranks the top direct-selling companies in the world by sales. This is extremely exciting because it places USANA in the company of some of the oldest and well-known direct-selling businesses in the world. Being a math geek, I checked the average age of the companies ahead of us on the list and the average age is 49 ½ years. Here we are in the top 20 at the age of 20.

What’s even better is that we jumped from No. 31 in 2009 to No. 24 in 2010 and now to No. 17 last year, proving that USANA is growing at a fantastic rate, faster than many other companies inside and outside our specialties of health and wellness.

USANA is changing people’s lives all over the world by providing true health and true wealth. And with USANA you have the confidence that you are building a legacy business to leave for generations to come.

What better way to introduce prospects to the idea of the USANA opportunity than to share with them our prestigious spot on this list with companies such as Avon (No. 1) and Tupperware (No. 7). Honors like this make me proud of the work we do every day at USANA. From our employees to our Associates to our Preferred Customers, we really are changing lives all over the world, every single day, in so many ways.

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  1. Dyann Lyon
    Dyann Lyon says:

    Congratulations Dave and USANA for all the incredible work you do to remain world leaders in health and wellness! So proud to be part of the USANA family!

  2. Deanna Waters
    Deanna Waters says:

    Congratulations Dave and everyone at corporate, plus the Associates worldwide, for taking USANA is the ultimate heights in the direct sales industry. What an incredible company we can all proudly represent. Dave and Deanna

  3. Ronald and Lyna Usher
    Ronald and Lyna Usher says:

    Congratulations Usana, to Dr Myron Wentz for product and vision and Dave and the team for the marketing and promotion of Usana company.
    United we stand divided we fall, but our team is strong so we can only grow to higher achievements, and proud to be a a small kog in this great engine.


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