Ask the CEO: 5 Easy Things to Make Your Home Healthy

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Question: We’ve covered many things from The Healthy Home, but one question I’m asked regularly is, “What are some simple things I can do to make my home a healthier place without spending a fortune?”

Answer: I understand that some people just don’t have the time or resources to really make major improvements to their home, so here are my five inexpensive and simple steps from the book The Healthy Home to making your home a healthier place.

918569681. Sleep is critical for maintaining good health, but it’s often the first thing we allow to slide when life gets in the way. Recent studies indicate that melatonin, the hormone that regulates our sleep cycle, is most sensitive to light in the blue range, which, unfortunately, is the color of light used in many electronic gadgets from alarm clocks and clock radios to cell phones, DVD players, cable modems, and game consoles.

If you want a good, restful period of sleep, all of those appliances should be banished from the bedroom. Make your room completely dark, including an alarm clock with red numbers, not blue or white.

2. Reduce your exposure to harmful electromagnetic fields when you don’t have to. At night, clear your nightstand of any unnecessary gadgets, and charge your iPod and cell phone elsewhere.

It’s also a great step to unplug your electronic gadgets and small appliances when they aren’t being used.

3. Open a window whenever you can to let in some fresh cleansing air. The air outside is cleaner and better for you.

4. If you want safe water at home and wish to avoid the financial and environmental burden of bottled water, there are several solutions you can undertake. There are home treatment systems, reverse osmosis systems, and even distillation systems.

But the cheapest and easiest system is to simply use a pitcher with an activated carbon filter to reduce contaminants in your water. Although it won’t filter out all pollutants, it’s a good start at a low cost.

5. Dry cleaning isn’t your only option! When it comes to instructions for care and cleaning, clothing labeled “dry clean only” can often be laundered at home after it has been dry cleaned just one time.

What’s more, many natural fabrics can be gently laundered at home without them ever being dry cleaned. Dry cleaning may be one everyday behavior for which we can do more than reduce our exposure to toxins. We may be able to rid ourselves of it entirely.

These five steps can help you keep your home as healthy as possible without breaking the bank. It can be easy to keep your home clean and free of pollutants if you are knowledgeable and use common sense. If you want more ideas on how to have a healthy home check out The Healthy Home for some great tips and simple solutions.

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