Ask the CEO: Why Are USANA Events So Important?

Dave Wentz speaks at the Chicago XRC in April.

Dave Wentz speaks at the Chicago XRC in April.

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Question: Why are USANA events so important?

Answer: Imagine a spark, small and insignificant. Alone, a spark does nothing, becomes nothing, and burns out before it even starts. But now imagine if you nurture that spark and give it everything it needs. It will begin to grow, create more sparks, and eventually turn into a flame. That flame can help you ignite a fire, and then that fire will continue to grow. I like to imagine USANA’s events as everything you need to get from a spark of a business to a roaring fire. USANA works hard throughout the year to create events that will help you take your business to a whole new level.

So I’ve come up with the top five reasons attending USANA events will help take your business from a spark to a roaring fire!

Dr. Libby Weaver speaks at the Montreal XRC in March.

Dr. Libby Weaver speaks at the Montreal Cross-Regional Conference in March.

Education: By going to events, you will get the opportunity to learn from others who have succeeded in creating the life they have always dreamed of. You can learn new tips and strategies, an easier way of doing things, and secrets of those who’ve overcome the hurdles in their life to build their business.

Motivation: Sometimes, when building a business, you can get stuck in a rut. USANA events are a great way to get the motivation to build harder and faster than you ever have before. Listen to experts, fellow Associates, and leaders in their field, and get excited to build your business.

Networking: Networking with other Associates in your field can boost your sense of pride and confidence. Learn from others who are going through the same struggles you are. Learn from Associates who’ve conquered their fears and overcome odds to get where they are. Learn from others just like you who are trying to make a difference in the world through true health and true wealth.

Members of the audience celebrate during the Queretaro, Mexico XRC in March.

Members of the audience wave during the Queretaro, Mexico XRC in March.

The limiting effects of your comfort zone: Are you stuck in your comfort zone? Attending events is a great way to break out of that comfort zone to learn new things and to push yourself in ways you never dreamed possible. Meet new people, learn new techniques, and push your business to its limits by trying new things.

Entertainment: Attending events is great for your business, networking, and all of the above, but they are also fun! Meet new people, have a great time, and enjoy yourself. Attending events is a great way to let loose and have a good time.

USANA events are perfect to help you get your business going in the right direction. Turn that spark into a flame by attending one of our amazing XRCs, Health and Freedom nights, the upcoming Generation Now Summit, or even the biggest event of the year, the 2013 International Convention.


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