USANA Fortune 25: Fortune is Free!

…free to enjoy the day, that is!

Today the USANA Fortune 25 were able to enjoy Paris and the company of their friends, their spouse, or their invited guest with a four-day museum pass courtesy of USANA.

This pass allows the bearer to get in free at more than 40 museums all over Paris, and on top of that, if you’re lucky enough to have one of these passes, you get to skip the lines of tourists and get in to see the sculptures and paintings you’ve only previously seen in the history books.

Many Associates took the passes and ran, and in fact, I ran into a few of them myself!

Dr. Paige Hunter and Daniel Hunter were spotted checking out the Musee d’Orsay, which is newly renovated and includes Vincent Van Gogh’s famous self-portrait (left), among other stunning pieces (sorry everyone, no photos of any kind allowed).

Victor and Annette Que decided to take a tour of the Louvre in the morning (where you can see the Venus de Milo and the Mona Lisa), and Conchita Vargas Lugo and her daughter Paola chose to spend the day shopping to help make the memories of Fortune 25 2012 last a little longer than a week.

After a full day, the group got dressed up and headed out to the river, where a fabulous boating/dining experience awaited. Starting at the Eiffel Tower and floating past some of Paris’ most well-known landmarks, the Fortune 25 were treated to upbeat live music (complete with singer!) while being served a spectacular three-course meal.

With windows surrounding the entire boat, including the ceiling, every seat on this floating restaurant had a picture-worthy view.

As a special treat, the Paris USANA office employees joined in on the fun, dining with the other guests, answering questions, and getting the group excited for Paris Convention this coming Saturday.
Tomorrow: the Palace of Versailles!

Here’s Kevin Guest, USANA’s president of the Americas and Europe, with a message from Day 2.


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For many more photos by Kelly Branan, be sure to check out the gallery on Smugmug.


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