USANA Compliance: Makes the Tough Decisions

My father taught me an extremely valuable lesson when I was young — always learn something new every single day.

I have tried to heed his advice and make it a point to learn something new on a daily basis. Granted, one day I may only learn that I should never try to iron my shirt while wearing it. But more often than not, I am able to learn a lesson that alters my view of the world in which we all live.

Lately, I’ve made a conscious effort to learn new things about the remarkable company which I work for and the industry in which USANA operates.

I am continually amazed at the great lengths USANA goes to do things the right way. Whether it is conforming to pharmaceutical-grade Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), or taking extra efforts to ensure all the local laws and industry regulations are fully adhered to, USANA truly prides itself on quality, excellence and ethics.

I have learned that USANA will never back down from a tough decision, and it will always choose the path that results in added distributor protection.

There have been several instances where USANA has had to let go of high-ranking distributors for compliance violations, even though it may result in lost sales in the short-term. These cases continually reinforce the fact that USANA takes a long-term approach in every decision, and it makes an extra effort to ensure your business is protected from the unscrupulous behavior of others.


If you’re unable to view the above video, please visit the USANA YouTube channel

I have also learned that competitors may come along and entice distributors to jump on board with a flashy marketing scheme or product. But, if they are not founded on similar principles of ethics with a strong compliance culture, they are unable to fully protect the interests of their distributors, resulting in unfulfilled promises and unprotected distributors.

Another lesson I have learned is that USANA is extremely reasonable in its approach to monitoring the way distributors operate their business.

For example, USANA’s unauthorized recruiting policy allows distributors to actually participate in other direct selling or network marketing opportunities, as well as engage in the selling activities of non-USANA related products and services.

However, USANA absolutely will not tolerate the recruiting of USANA distributors for those other opportunities, and violations of this policy can result in termination of their USANA distributorship.

We understand the energy and effort it takes to build a successful USANA business and how damaging this type of unauthorized recruiting can be to your organization. USANA is unafraid to make the hard decisions to protect you and your interests.

As we come to a conclusion of this three-part compliance series, I truly hope you now have learned that USANA’s compliance department is here for you, and you alone.

Everything we do is to help you build a long-lasting USANA business, and to love life and live it your way.


If you’re unable to view the above video, please visit the USANA YouTube channel

Editor’s Note: Brent Neidig is USANA’s executive director of compliance. This is the third in a three-part series introducing readers to USANA’s compliance team and explaining how their efforts are designed to protect USANA’s valued distributors. Read Part 1: USANA Compliance Here to Help Protect Business Owners and Part 2: USANA Compliance: Policies You Can’t Live Without.

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7 replies
  1. Peng Teo
    Peng Teo says:

    I have been impressed by how USANA enforce the contract of the distributors. I would like to see more is USANA to put more effort into cracking down those distributors channel their products through ebay at huge discount or other markets. Obviously no one distributor is able to sell less than the cost of distributor price unless those already obtain the extra bonuses to cover the cost. I hope USANA will uphold its integrity principle. Because it is the foundation of a GREAT company.

  2. Brent Neidig
    Brent Neidig says:

    Thank you for your comment, Peng. As you mentioned, the selling of USANA product on online auction sites such as eBay, especially at deeply discounted prices, is an extremely damaging practice. It effects the thousands of hard working distributors who are trying to operate their business the right way. USANA’s Compliance Department spends countless hours and multiple methods to track eBay sellers, and severely punishes them when caught, up to and including termination of their distributor agreement. It is an ongoing effort that USANA is committed to. If you, or any other distributor has information that would lead to the identity of any seller of USANA products on eBay, we encourage you to share that with Compliance for immediate action.

  3. Peng Teo
    Peng Teo says:

    Hi Brent, at this moment, a new distributor like me are working hard to build this business. It is just so diappointed to see some distributors taking advantage of the system. It is not simply affecting the rest of distributors who are trying to make it, rather it really affecting the company itself as well. We do not see BMW/Porche company selling a brand new car at a discount lot or allow their Dealers to do so because that particular dealer has higher sales volume and has been compensated more. Simple the company want to protect its brand, quality and reputation of the whole group. Meanwhile it is really fall into what company is willing or not willing to do, and how far the company willing to go. I am sure the company is also worry about losing the sales. If you seriously want to have people report to you…here is a suggestion, announce a huge and lucratic reward will be given whistle blower. I am sure you will have people knocking on your office door. Also with company’s sophisticated system of DLM system, I am sure some software programs can be in placed to track a certain unusual patterns.

  4. Simon Byrne
    Simon Byrne says:

    What are Usana’s guidelines for selling online I have customers who want to buy from me is it possible to set up an online shop have seen products on Amazon is this against your rules not talking about selling at discount or anything like ebay etc just a shop for them to purchase through any advice appreciated love the products and company regards Simon.

  5. Brent Neidig
    Brent Neidig says:

    Hello Simon, and thank you for your question. USANA has chosen direct selling as its preferred distribution method. Selling products via online auction sites such as Amazon and eBay are contradictory to the traditional direct selling channel, and are thus not approved.

    USANA does allow associates to create independent websites which are solely used for the promotion and selling of USANA products so long as the associate follows USANA’s advertising policy 3.3.1. The policy requires the associate first reach the rank of Gold Director before being eligible to create such a website. Once the associate achieves Gold status, they must then submit the website in question to USANA’s compliance department for a review prior to use.

    All associates who have not reached Gold status should use the webhosting site provided by USANA.



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