A Few Who Make USANA Personalization Possible

Look at the globe and you’ll see the people. You’ll see the activity. You’ll even see yourself. And you should.

Maybe you’ll notice this, too — the bonds. I can’t help but see the interconnectedness among the figures that wrap around the globe. You can choose to see those connections for whatever you want them to be. There’s no wrong answer.

If you see the bonds as extensions of one vision lacing together the USANA family, that’s what it is.

If you see them as the camaraderie that links teammates and crossline, alike, that’s what it is.

If you see it as the energy of opportunity that enlivens people around the world, propelling them to activity that results in success and positive change, then that is absolutely what it is.

We tend to cast some of our own reflection over any piece of art that we view — and our new logo looks like art to me. Of course, I’m no expert. I draw a passable stick figure, but I very much have an “ooooooh, pretty colors” understanding of art.

Here’s my rudimentary explanation of what I see: the open space. Notice I didn’t call that in-betweeness a void. That’s because I feel like I’m a part of it. For me, you — the Associates all around the world — are the people inside the globe, connected by the dreams, passion, and the USANA experience. We — USANA employees — are the solid areas between, providing a foundation, giving structure and solid backing to each individual and the whole, simultaneously.

We’re the support. It’s a role we relish because it’s important.

The fact is it takes people to make personalization possible. You may have read a little bit about some of these people, their stories, and what the rebrand means to them over on USANAtoday. We wanted to give you a chance to let some of them step out of the background and tell you for themselves, though.

John Cordova, USANA Executive Director of Creative Services


If you’re unable to view the video, please visit the USANA YouTube channel

Maria Figueroa, USANA Senior Lead, Manufacturing


If you’re unable to view the video, please visit the USANA YouTube channel

David Johnson, USANA Operations Trainer


If you’re unable to view the video, please visit the USANA YouTube channel

Sarah Searle, USANA Brand Experience Manager


If you’re unable to view the video, please visit the USANA YouTube channel

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