Work or Party? Try Doing Both During the Holidays

It’s early December and Becky Lawson has decorated her Ontario, Canada, home for a festive holiday season. Warm and inviting, it’s ready for family parties, social gatherings, her kids’ class parties, and pretty much any other party you can imagine. And Becky, and her husband, Craig, are ready to share their USANA lifestyle with all who enter their home.

The Emerald Directors love this time of year. Holidays mean parties, which are a great way to introduce others to USANA.

“More people have come into our business because we’ve invited them into our home,” Becky says. “This time of year is a great excuse to host a holiday party. That is the way we build our USANA business: sharing a piece of our lives with others. And what better time than the holidays?”

Mix Business With Fun

The Lawsons are right. You can use the holiday season to your advantage. Although there’s so much going on, you have no excuse to let your business freeze. Realistically, though, that’s exactly what happens. Statistics show a sharp drop off in business activity during November and December before picking back up in January. Don’t let this happen to you. Use this season to your entrepreneurial advantage.

Take Ruby Director Ivy Chan for instance. She knows how to work a holiday party, what to wear, what to say. And she does it well.

“I tell my team to go to parties and family gatherings. In fact, don’t miss any,” she says. “You can see old friends and family members, reconnect, and have fun. But don’t forget your business!”

Ivy’s first piece of advice: appearance.

“At any event, holiday or otherwise, make sure you have a healthy and positive image,” she says. “Make sure you look good.”

Then, start talking because parties are all about talking and mingling.

Becky suggests that while you’re talking to people, figure out what’s on their mind.

“New Year’s resolutions, finances, weight loss and fitness. These thoughts can lead to powerful questions,” Becky says. “‘What’s your plan? Are you open to new ideas?’ And then you can segue into what you can offer them.”

Keep the Holiday Spirit

Enjoying what you do and having fun while talking to people about USANA makes the task seem much easier during the holidays, Ruby Director Andrea Equihua says.

“During this season people smile more and are more open to interaction,” she says. “Keeping the business going during the holidays is not a difficult task. It is just a matter of enjoying what you do. Keep on doing a little big of USANA every day and motivate your team to do the same. Enjoy, do, and motivate others.”

Business-building Tips for the Season

  • Host Your Own party whether it’s Sensé™ skin-care, a Rev3® Energy mixer, or a RESET™ Challenge.
  • Set aside time each day, yes even those really busy ones, to work on your business — even if it’s just a half an hour for self improvement or utilizing social media. (You’re on Facebook anyway!)
  • Keep USANA alive day-to-day by using the products, sharing them as gifts, and having your tools with you. Remember that iPad you got at Convention?
  • Most importantly, don’t forget to spend quality time with those who mean the most to you.

Editor’s Note: A version of this article appeared in the 2012 Volume 6 issue of USANA magazine. For more information about using specific USANA products during the holidays as business-building tools, please visit to view a PDF of the latest magazine.

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  1. Ekayani Chamberlin
    Ekayani Chamberlin says:

    The holidays are the PERFECT time to share Usana foods! We have a test kitchen that rocks and everything I have made and served from the un egg nog to hot dutch chocolate nutrimeal to the go nuts n berries bar have people wanting more. In fact orders were placed for French Vanilla Nutrimeal due to the holiday party. The skin care has been selling well. Guys want to get something that will make their Mom’s, Wife, Sister’s feel and look good that won’t break the bank. I mean sharing is caring and really we have the stuff. Thank you Dr. Wentz and Dave Wentz! So grateful to you!! My admiration grows daily.


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