USANA Earns Perfect Score in Game of Ethics and Integrity

DSA USANA EthicsGOLF — that cursed four-letter word! It doesn’t matter how hard I try, my divot still goes further than my ball, doubling par on a hole is a common occurrence, and if my ball goes in the sand – FORGET ABOUT IT! Bring me a beach towel and an umbrella drink because I am going to be there awhile.

Then there is that small group of people who make it look soooooo easy. Yeah, I’m talking about you Lorie Mulhern (USANA Diamond Director).

Lorie and her husband, Tom, recently drove down from Seattle to generously offer free golf lessons to many USANA employees. Lori’s swing is graceful and fluid. Her ball goes perfectly straight and far, and quite simply it looks like an art form. It’s an amazing swing that is only matched by hers and Tom’s delightful personalities.

Well, there is good news USANA family. Whereas many of your USANA support team still struggles with golf, we have a perfect score in the game of ethics and integrity. This is highlighted by our fourth-consecutive year of receiving recognition for the Direct Selling Association’s Communication Initiative.

To qualify for recognition, member companies of the DSA must complete an application to prove it proactively promotes the DSA’s Code of Ethics. Proof has to be provided that we meet at least five out of 14 activities designed to highlight the integrity of our industry.

Some of these activities include having the entire Code of Ethics on our website, providing links to the DSA website and informational videos, and sending out an article regarding the code in our company newsletter.

Tom and Lorie Mulhern help USANA CCO Dan Macuga with his golf swing.

Tom and Lorie Mulhern help USANA CCO Dan Macuga with his golf swing.

Just as there are people challenged by golf, choosing the higher path of integrity and ethics is not always easy for some companies eager to earn a few extra dollars. Fortunately, USANA made a commitment to building this company on the foundation of ethics.

Your efforts are valued and your business is protected. This communication initiative recognition is another testament to USANA’s integrity and our promise to keep your businesses safe for the long term.

As always, we thank you for your daily efforts in passing on this same message of ethics and integrity in the way you promote this business and world class products.

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